Apparently Mahoney and BA's relationship has strained

According to Paul Crawley the relationship between BA and Mahoney Strained a bit leading up to the Hooker signing a 4 year deal with Canterbury, now we will never know and read into as you will. Also, Ray Price went off head, since when does he not do that, about the club losing players and not listening to them. Pretty much stating that they dont listen to anyone even them as they won a comp. To Ray i say you won a comp in the 80's, the game has evolved rapidly in 40 years therefore it is much more different to what you were used to, what you can offer in advice could be outdated in today's NRL so i appreciate his passion but don't make it about yourself.

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  • Unless we are embedded in the camp we have no idea regarding the relationship. Joey came out and apparently said that a member of the spine at the Eels didn't listen to the coaches and was a bit up himself. Maybe just maybe, Reed isn't this clean cut individual that he portrayed?  Look it may have been one of the others in the spine but it could have been Mahoney. 
    Perhaps It wasn't about money, perhaps he just wanted to get out of the place and at the end of the day we may have dodged a bullet ? 

    • Was probably Brown I reckon 

      • Well that's what we all thought but maybe we were selling Brown short ?

        • Yeah maybe who knows. I'm really just going on what I see on the field and Brown appears disconnected. Also seems like he has an ego where Mahoney doesn't and is an Arthur favourite. Or was I should say

          • You see this is it - we don't know. Maybe Mahoney is the disruptive one ? It's the whole 'never meet your heroes ' thing. Maybe we just don't know. 

            • Put it this way for my two cents worth, BGA festival, meeting the players Mahoney was not the most out there social bloke i took it as shy but Gutho Brown and Moses were laughing and smiling and talking Mahoney was sitting there.

              Not saying now he left i would still say it if he stayed just saying it could be him.

              But yeah we will never know unless you talk to Joey yourself.

              • Mahoney may be an introvert and felt uncomfortable out there.

          • Some of the most egomaniacal narcissists i know can come across as down to earth good blokes, until you realise that it is all about them and that they always know best

  • Maybe BA said to Mahoney, if all you are after is a few bucks more then fuck off you midget.

    • Well i mean do we want to keep him? if the relationship strain is true is that good for the playing group? maybe try to get like Robson or even dare i say Liddle this year and see what Canterbury can give us in return this year, we could get a player cheaply like we did with RCG.

      Who knows what we do, it is doubtful but let's hope it is busy player movements for us til March.

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