• “Georgia”

  • The Georgians have only ever played against a herd of goats and a horde of bearded ladies before , they did however manage a win against the goats in a tight contest to get them through to group D of the world cup.

    • were you the goat or the bearded woman, eggman? Just asking.

  • No 

  • No, never did 

  • not for even a second. Semi loves the $$

    • Who doesn’t love the $$$. 

  • I’d love him, but that would mean 1m or so out of the cap we could and should be spending on forwards.

    Its a shame, but BA isn’t that silly and we have a couple of pretty handy wingers as it is.

  • I reckon after another season of establishing himself further in the NRL it will be au revior from Sivo too. Seems to be the pattern these days.

    • Aye Nidgie, but BA will find another one right behind him, BA now has the eye for it... 

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