“There’s a theory that the Eels’ Premiership window will be well and truly closed if they don’t get the job done this year, and Brad Arthur’s head could be on the chopping block if they don’t at least make a Prelim. Some have even suggested Arthur needs to make a Grand Final to keep his job.”
- Western Weekender / The Masked Panther

The Western Weekender is peddling a rumour that Panther’s assistant coach Cameron Ciraldo is being entertained as Parramatta’s next head coach, should we fail to finish in the top 4 this year.

Young, talented and well liked by his players, the Tigers and Sharks tried, but could not secure Ciraldo.

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  • This was started by Michael Chammas on the Sunday Footy Show, no one was even thinking this until he said it. 

  • We need to be making some progress at some point. They suggested on 360 that Ciraldo is holding out for a mid table team, not one at the bottom.

  • If the Board is doing its job properly, they should absolutely be considering this. Not just considering it but actively making discreet enquiries. It's the Board and CEO's job to be looking at the mid-long term.  
    If the Eels fade this year I believe it's time for a new voice. Pay BA out his 2023 contract and install a new Head Coach early in the off season. Ciraldo seems as good a prospect as any. 

    • BA would be the perfect coach for the tigers if his time here is up.

      • I've no doubt BA will be picked up by another club. Despite the loud protestations by many here, the fact is BA is an extremely good coach. Not perfect but not many are. I agree the Tigers would crawl over broken glass to get him and apparently the going rate is $1 million a year for 5 years. BA's manager should be checking that out for sure. 

        • I would agree with you on the proviso that BA leaves the Eels on his own terms. Even winning a premiership doesn't guarantee getting a future gig if you've been fired, just ask Flanno or Green. 

          • BA will get another gig for sure Bretto, theres no question about it, theres not many coaches around.

            BA will be hired to rebuild another club, plenty of clubs below us on the ladder would jump at the thought, even if he's axed.

            He'd be very good for a club like the tigers

            • I agree, but you don't think Flanno woukd equally be good for them ?

              It just seems to be the pattern now, get punted and you're cooked. 

  • Get Daniel Anderson back here before we lose Dylan.....and Cooper Cronk

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