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Animal Rights Activists Protest Meat Processing Plants in Melbourne

What do you think of Animal Rights activists. Are they trying to do a bit of good for the world or are they delusional unemployed bums that most probably have BO and have no concern for the hundreds of people that are employed at the places the protest. Geez they give me the shits. https://youtu.be/hzDmJdZcsxU

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Soylent Green Is People   :)

I agree Patsy - they just like Gothics - want attention over something crap.

These animals have been bred for a purpose. They don't actually know their fate and their lives are ended very humanely.

If these dopes had any idea they would be more concerned with the zillions of city dwelling halfwits who buy dogs then lock them up in their backyards and pay them no attention - THAT'S cruelty. Or the nimrods who buy kittens then basically turf them out to roam the streets and fend for themselves.

What about that idiot bawling like the fecking world was ending. Her parents must be so proud.

Maybe they could all have a shower, get a job, and donate their pay packets to a worthy charity - there's plenty of kids starving in this country not to mention all over the world. Nah, instead they'll make a few shitty signs, yell at cattle trucks and generally make c*nts of themselves.

It just makes you want to put every one of them in a headlock and apply the rack.

Ethical and Environmental Perspectives
Some people choose not to eat meat because they don't believe in killing animals for food when there are other ways to meet nutrition needs.

This is a valid point of view that should be respected.

Others object to animals being raised in large, industrial complexes that are sometimes referred to as "factory farms," which is also very understandable.

These farms are overcrowded and often don't allow animals to get sufficient exercise, sunlight or room to move. To prevent infection, livestock are often given antibiotics, which can lead to antibiotic resistance (62, 63).

Many animals are given steroid hormones like estrogen, progesterone and testosterone to speed growth. This raises additional health and ethical concerns (64).

The environmental effects of factory farming have also been criticized, particularly the waste produced during raising and slaughtering, as well as the high cost of grain-based meat production (63, 65, 66, 67).

Fortunately, there are alternatives. You can support small farms that raise animals humanely, don't use antibiotics or hormones and provide their animals with natural diets.

Some object to killing animals for food, inhumane conditions on industrial farms or the environmental effects of raising livestock.

My youngest son is on a vegetarian diet ATM, he says its because of the manner the meat species are treated and in many cases slaughtered, cannot pin him down if he means the slaughter methods done in Australia or overseas, so that is his view and he has dropped in and out of that decision for some years now.

When we look at how different animals are kept and many make calls for free range meats, in many instances the so called free range areas are not much better than those kept inside buildings, owing to the amount of animals and that includes chickens while they are supposed to have restrictions on how many are to fit in per square meter or other, that works well only in good and ideal weather conditions. One only needs to look at the Cattle feed lots around the country to see that, but they all walk around and get plenty of food.

Most pig farms have plenty of roaming areas for the animals, but they prefer it when its full of dust or mud.

The aspect of how they are slaughtered is another matter, in Oz abattoirs they are supposed to be stunned prior to the actual killing, sort of like an electrical sedation, instead of an injection we get when we have to have surgery.  Other words they feel nothing when the final death method is given.

Very few of our table chickens and chicken meat do not have special growth foods provided for them, likewise they are special breeds of chickens bred for the table and not for eggs.  Many of those these days are free range but that only means they are basically in feed lots that they can roam through the day when the doors are opened.

Colin -I cant eat chicken from places like Red Rooster---I basically choke and my body rejects it.I simply cant eat it. Not sure if it has something to do with chicken  growth hormones that my body rejects.

Tad, the question is do you eat chicken purchased from a delicatessen, Chicken shop, supermarket or any form of shop, be it fast food, or fresh?

If you say yes, there is no doubt that the chicken has come from the special breads called Meat BIrds.  Several years back now probably near 30, I including a mate decided a few months before Christmas to purchase a number of meat chicks and raise them for Christmas, they roamed free and got general chicken feed and other grains, they grew fast and we got a chicken plucker and other machines to do the killing of them, pluck and gut. We had 6 dozen of them to begin with but around 2 dozen died or got out and the foxes likely got them,

It was no great fun but we had big birds and very tender meat, we shared with our families as we both ran out of freezer space.  The food we got was a feed for meat birds, don't know what was in it but they ate it all the time, never seemed to stop, thing is that is the exact same with ordinary chooks, we never put a seeder in with our chickens that were for eggs, as they would stuff themselves all the time and when there was feed in the feeders.  We gave them any sort of grains and vegetable scraps, didn;t let them out of the large coup owing to foxes.

I have never had any worries eating chicken from any of the fast food outlets, be it Macca's Hungry Jack, Red Rooster, KFC, and some others, each use different oils and that's something I can taste, when I go to them I usually do not get any of the deep fried stuff, but mostly the BBQ ones out of the rotisserie, only very occasionally KFC, owing to the amount of oil left on the bits, that's why its finger licking good, there is that much oil it runs down the fingers, and hands if you are not quick enough in the finger licking.

Colin  I have seen chicken thighs I think for sale at  3kg for $10---  makes you wonder?

We have 3 chooks as pets--roam around everywhere---lovely pets with heaps of personality. Couldn,t dream of ever eating them--bit like eating a pet dog

If they are pet chooks and you get eggs from them, likely they would be very tough to eat anyway,  When we have pets we get very attached to them no matter the type or breed.  Some parts of the world though, in places that have constant wars and killing of their own people, chickens or other animals as pets is a luxury, and often end up in a crock pot as its the only meat for many.

Over my life I have eaten Mountain Lowry birds, done in a stew, very rich and sweet not a lot of meat in them but.  Why, well they were in plague proportions and destroying crops used to feed the farmers cattle.

I've got some meat you can process in Melbourne.


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