All out attack mentality

BA on his media rounds tonight has said he takes full responsibility for the loss . We've built our season on defence and we went into the Souths game with an all out attack mentality which confused the players. 

We're going to go back to our style and would much rather win a game 14-10 than lose 38-0.

Can't make this shit up.

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  • And?

    btw he never said the players were confused. 

    • What did he say then?

      The all our attack mentality produced 0 points. and seriously, what first grade footballer works on their attack during the week so shows up and throws out the last 15 weeks worth of defensive principles.

      He doesn't know what happened, its a lame excuse. He didnt get the team up, they've looked tired for 6 weeks and the defensive systems the coaching staff built were flattered by wet and slippery tracks and teams with key players out. Waqa and Fergo have had the same issues all year which haven't been corrected but werent as exposed with teams staying away from the sidelines. Sivo has lost all defensive confidence. This result has been building for weeks and if he thinks it comes down to the team incorrectly going into the game with an 'all out attack' mentality twhich produced ZERO points then hes kidding himself.

      • What did you honestly want to hear? He took full responsibility and simply said he probably focused too much on attack during the week instead of their usual defensive mindset. Sounds reasonable to me. 
        What would have left you satisfied? (Apart from him saying he's quitting). 

        • We worked on our attack all week, went into the game with an attacking mentality and we scored ZERO points. Where does that fill you with confidence the guy knows what he's talking about?

          • Pretend you're BA. Tell us what he should have said that would have made you satisfied. 

            • Check the end of this thread I answered what I felt wouldve been better there :)

  • What are you expecting him to say?

    He owned the loss.

    Was he wrong are the players doing there jobs.

  • Good salesman 👨‍💼 

    • Dumbass, the one thing BA is, is not a good salesman.

      Half the would be's that could be's on here are frustrated because they want a solution and solutions do not present the way they expect to solve problems. My guess is many of them have bosses or wives or somebody that gives them a direction when they can't solve a problem.......... traditionally I called it the janitor system .....  they jump up and down and stamp their feet, get frustrated, have a whine and then go back to their janitor job.

      Now the readers of that will say....well I'm not a bloody janitor and I don't think that way...... but that's ok ,I just eliminated 90% of you and the 9% remaining will try to come up with a  practical solution....... the other 1% will be honest and admit they don't know how to fix the problem but hope someone will!

      • Lol popps you're too smart to be on this site. You just confused the numb nuts

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