Adam Reynolds at Halfback?

Seeing the article in the DT today, it's Interesting that the Bunnies have given him such a poor contract extension...
While I'll admit he's not outstanding, you can't deny he has been a pretty important and reliable feature in their success in the last couple of years. I think he deserves a bit more respect than what the Bunnies are showing here and we could potentially benefit from it. Yes injury is somewhat of a concern, but looking at the stats, it's nothing too different than what most players deal with year to year.

How could it work?

  • Adam Reynolds at Halfback
  • Moses to 5/8
  • Dylan Brown to left centre

Dylan Brown is definitely our long-term 5/8 option (potential captain too), but I think this just stabilises the team a little better across the park and fixes our centre issues. Thoughts?

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  • I've said it before and I'll say it again, hopefully for the last time, Dylan Brown is not a centre!!!!!

    I do agree the Bunnies appear to have handled this badly, however, they might have their future post-Reynolds planned out and the 1 year deal will see them in the window to execute that plan. If so, good on them for sticking to their guns.

    Reynolds is 30 and looking for a final payday - I would hope we are not that club anymore, and recent signings suggest that. We have Arthur coming through, he's definitely the future and we need to persist with Moses for the next few years until he's ready. Moses has the ability, he is quite capable of becoming the player we would all like him to evolve into. He's getting to the age where he should really start taking control of the team and with more input from Joey Johns I'm hoping he'll get there this year.


    • Not sure why you're against the idea of Brown playing centre, they kid is defensively sound and plays mostly on one side of the field. I watched brown interviewed and he did mention his game needs to improve and to  match the hype - I'm looking for both Moses and Brown to combine in attack and for Brown to appear anywhere on the field supporting the ball carrier more often. 

      • Yes he's defensively sound, we all know that, but defending at centre is tougher again. Not saying he can't do it, but there's a difference in a slick centre running at you to a backrower which he's used to. His greatest attributes are the ability to take the ball to the line as a 1st receiver and go himself, go out behind or short to a hole runner. He's a half, pure and simple, he would be completely and utterly wasted at centre. He's also developing a kicking game as a fool to Moses, again, completely wasted if he was a centre. Maybe I'm wrong, but to me it's utterly ridiculous to suggest moving him. The fact is Brown and Moses have hardly played any footy together and nearly none when both are 100% fit. Brown was on channel 9 tonight and mentioned the same himself, he was out and when he came back Mitch went out and then vice versa again. When they are together they've combined very well and I've seen them attack both sides of the ruck together like the old 7,6 days. 

        • Something that we need to improve is line breaks, the top 4 teams averaged around 115 and we finished on 86 - Both Moses and Brown don't seem to have the ability to ball play at the line or  isolate and engage defenders. Do you think its a  skill that can be learnt or more to do with footy instincts? 

          • We are an offloading team, we lead the league in offloads by the length of the straight, we had 4 of the top ten offliaders, (Junior, Lane, Matto & N.Brown). Where we let ourselves down in the 2nd half of the season was that Mitch & Dylan stopped pushing up in support. They don't have to be the key creative playmakers in our team, not when we have so many playmakers in our forwards. Mitch, Dylan & Reed need to follow Gutho's lead and push up in support a lot more. The points will follow from there

            • Mick I agree completely with Brett. Look at some of those games before Mitch got injured and the number of times he followed up the forwards and an offload put him away and led to points. Dylan didn't do that to the same extent, and yes Mick, I do think he's a take the ball to the line player with great vision and ball playing ability - trouble is, I'm not sure he realises how good he can be at that just yet. Once again, if you want to develop that part of your game then having Joey Johns in your ear is certainly the way to go!!! I also think that's why we need a 14 on the bench that has some zip to them. If we can follow up those forwards that are offloading more and more we will create more and more points. I'm not sure if Reed's defensive work is hampering that part of his game, so the 14 is even more crucial. Gutho supports very well, but tends to get into dummy half for scoots moreso.

              • Let's see what DB offers this season. His kicking game has been absolutely shit, he lacks vision, he certainly did not take the line on much last season. I doubt DB knows how to read a game and he lacks confidence to lead. Awesome defender, good speed, I also think he would be better in the centre or lock. This is MY OPINION, time will tell. Actually I think Will Smith is a better number 6.

                • Graham your opinion is so wrong it isn't funny.

                  "He certainly did not take the line on much last season" You mean apart from him averaging 116 running metres per game?

                  "His kicking game has been absolutely shit" He forced 11 drop outs last season.

                  You can have your opinion, but it's deadset wrong. 

                  • Beat me to it Super. Not sure whether some people actually watch the games!!! 

                    • Didn,t miss a game in 2020, generaly watched Eels games twice,  I know Dylan Brown is young and lacks experience, but his NRL stats say he is going backwards.

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