Basically, Fong was concerned about why the Eels experience so many thrashings under the auspice of Brad Arthur each season since Brad started coaching .the Eels. 

I replied.......

Fong, we (MAN) have the ability to create dreams that are programs of intention to alter whatever we are focused on altering with nature.

At first, we might not comprehend the scale of harm derived from such dreams, like the disaster @ Chernobyl BUT we can clearly see the after-effect we have created where for x amount of years afterwards no one can live inside a particular radius of the Chernobyl leaky reactors without suffering the consequences of being radiated beyond the abilities our bodies can cope with.

So we end up getting repeatedly radiated when we are exposed to the Chernobyl radiation.

This is just one example of tens of thousands of such repeating events - autism and vaccinations, immense damage to the pineal gland and fluoride, mixed proceeded wheat and protein diets and colon cancer, various men and women and divorce, various men and women and privatisation, etc, etc, etc.....

In the same way we have the Eels and its empty cabinet history and a wide range of background dramas unsettling the club since 1986. Regardless of how many men and women get involved with the Eels, the same pattern ensues.

The only common denominator to all of them is MAN as it's us central to these events being created by us, again, again, and again. Whether we report or comment on these predictable events it's MAN doing it and it's MAN acting out the 33 years of groundhog day as the Eels fans, members, players, staff, coaches, directors, executives, etc, of this groundhog day. .

Then it simply comes down to everyone passionately involved with the Eels and asking them all collectively, including all coaches, players, staff, directors, executives, etc, involved since 1987... "Why Is That"????

Why are we recreating this Groundhog Day?


Collectively, why are we not changing the way we are thinking, feeling and acting???

It's here where all the answers will be found Fong including the remedy/absolution to this chronic groundhog day.

Its a team effort that got us into this vicious cycle of groundhog day and it will be a team effort that will finally break the curse where this groundhog day is sprouting out of.

Since November 1986,, the problem was there before Brad Arthur started coaching our boys and without fixing this collective issue, the problem will continue well after Brad Arthur no longer is our coach.

Then comes the question, what do we do with the chronic groundhog day of Fong?

Give him a bitch slapping?

Or nurture Fong with love, respect, strength, kindness, direction, truth, taking full-responsibility to change the way Fong is thinking, feeling and acting, etc, etc?????

Thanks to Hell On Eels


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  • There has never been a coach that has been as blessed as BA, what with his limited ability and all.

    8 years he will have survived by 2021 as a first grade coach and Im pretty certain he won’t be delivering the club any silverware.

    • Frank, have you ever thought that maybe the issue is not just with Brad Arthur but with the whole collective culture contributed by all Eels fans, members, players, staff, directors, executives, etc, since around November 2016??? 

      • What a load of crap, Hasler has shown in one off season what a quality coach can do.  Arthur in his 6 seasons here has achived nothing but a wooden spoon.  Anyone who thinks we can win a comp with this fraud are off with the pixies.

        • I'm pointing out an issue with our culture Alan.

          Maybe Manly, collectively has a different culture?

          Look at the culture around Melbourne Storm brought in from its inception. They won a GF in their second season and have been mostly in the top 8 ever since.

          What did it take for Souths to come back from almost RL/NRL extinction to finally win a premiership in 2014 since last winning one in 1971. Was there a huge change in Souths culture?

        • Hasler also has a superior roster to work with. But if we can’t be genuine contenders next year I think it’s time for ba to move on 

        • Umm Alan, I think that shows that Barrett wasnt a good coach, For F sake Manly have how many rep players. Hasler turning up has certainy made a difference.

          we have too many players not putting in and taking lazy options, thank god they are apparently not being resigned by the club for next year, and hence why we are in the market for rep or just about rep type of players.

          We are still sitting in 6th position with honestly too many players pretending to be first graders. Imagine what Brad could do with a team half full of rep players.... If he can get this team into the top 8, i think he has pulled off a bloody miracle myself. 

          Im still not happy by any stretch but lets lay the blame game solely at the players that arnt putting in. Seriously half time we had missed 27 tackles..........

          • No it’s shows hassler knows you pass u score u win it’s that simple

        • Without getting carried away with the Frog's garbage, the Roster at Manly is a lot better than ours, pricipally because the Troub's arrived there and the culture being referred to was reinstated very quickly.....Dogs will do the same.

          Our culture is only likely to get better over time and with much care! Maybe it is time to move your culture on seems you don't fit very well with our culture.

          PS Fong closed his own Blog because he didn't like the negativity he was receiving in response.....all the blogs that he claimed were closed were closed by him.

          The Wolf cry no longer has an effect!

          • Poppa, I was just half way through skim reading Fongy's reply to your comment. Did a refresh, then suddenly it's disappeared. 

            Basically, Fong denies he deleted his blogs. And he appeared genuine to me.

            So I'm not sure why you said what you said...

            There's things that don't add up here.


  • CF, Yep. 

    Culture: That's why in my opinion.

    Coaching isn't the only issue.

    We don't have enough footy nous in our leaders. Pedigree, on-field or off-field - to change it, or build a consistently winning culture.  

    Ferguson has the most winning pedigree in the top 30, from the coaching staff, and management. And Anthony Field is helping a bit lately.

    We had an improvement in the 1990s-early 2000s under Emperor-Smith, but lacked that final killer edge. Imo Smith wound up the team too much with the odd mind game.

This reply was deleted.

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