Early rumours soronding the potential  squad have been leaked. In no particular order is.

Peni Teripo

David Gower  Will Smith

Maika Sivo. Ryan Matterson

Nathan Parry  D. Brown   Clint Gutherson

Dunster  Reed Mahoney  Shaun Lane.


More to be added.

What's your predicted squad













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  • I wouldn't put anyone of great importance in this Mickey Mouse comp.

  • Nathan Parry 

  •  Chuck Norris : I will leave it all in the hands of the greatest coach who never won a premiership, Our future, and our savior!  King Arthur!, now better than Jack Gibso? Loves his players and they love him!! Then I woke up screaming. Two men dressed in white had me by the arms dragging me to a prison van on the way to Callan Park.Wow, it was only a dream. I will tell the robot how to win a nines competition. Pick ballplayers. Have nine ballplayers on the field at all times, if it can be managed. They should be able to tackle a bit. Ball play, that`s the clue to it.

    • That was no dream Robert, you were on the way back to Callan Park. Hope you had a nice Xmas and a happy New Year.

  • No injuries, no injuries, no injuries ... 

  • There is no point worrying about what if someone gets hurt or they might as well cancel training to.

    Go hard or go home. The Eels need to have the attitude of win whatever contest they are in.

    Get rid of the soft underbelly we as a club have had for far toooooo long.

    Yes someone might get injured but that is how it is, so toughen the hell up & win it all in 2020 Eels.

    • Finally someone with some common sense. Although I wouldn't play D Brown after his back issues last season. I'd play Moses instead. 

    • Yep 

This reply was deleted.

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