4 from 4 but far from perfect.

33 missed tackles

Taka left on bench.. Bludged the whole game What an absolute waste of a jumper and interchange. Forcing others to work harder

Dumb mistakes

We are yet to reach the level of the Roosters, yet still winning.

There you go Frankie we beat a genuine contender whilst playing shit. I await your report.


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  • If you still don't understand the purpose of a bench than just stop watching RL.

    • Really. So they all worked harder due to aone less rotation

      A more suitable 14 needs to found.

      Taka is useless. We played with 16 men once again. Thanks for your input.



      • Most teams are shortening their bench rotation with the new rules. Bellamy only used his 17th man in the last 5 minutes last night. The speed of the game means that it is now becoming more of a 16 v 16 or even 15 v 15 man game. Dessie only used his last two guys in the last 15 minutes. Your 17 th man is really insurance now, not a rotation player.

      • Ok Chuck I'll bite, who would you have on the bench instead of Taka?

        • Jake Field. Stefano. Gower . Stone.

          There's four that offer more




          • So you bang on about a waste of an interchange then go on and nominate Jake Field to take his spot.....what position is he going to come on and play?? None of those other players can cover in the backs like Taka can so try again.

            • Mack, you were right about the Morris bros still having some good years in them in a blog last year.

              Theyve been playing great footy, i thought they were done a few years back, i was wrong, good call by yourself and a few others..


              • Where you been snake? I don't comment much these days but I still stalk and noticed you've gone awol....same for Al, has anyone checked on him...is old mate still alive?

                • Well that's bullshit. You relentlessly bag me mercilessly with derogatory, hurtful and cutting insults

                  I agree - Taka is a must on our bench and will be invaluable when the time comes in a game that we actually need him. He can cover back row, 5/8, centre, wing and even fullback or hooker at a pinch. I've also heard that he is by far the most loved bloke in the team and the coach has a massive rap on his off-field input.

                  FYI tonight i'm on this mate. Pretty bland really - not offensive but a bit underwhelming. I got it because it was on spesh at Dan's.



              • Thanks Snake, i'm impressed you remembered....you bagged the shit out of me at the time.

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