• 550-600K reasons - whatever N Brown's chunk of salary cap for next season is. 

          • I think if Cartwright is in the side then Nathan Brown would be a better option on the bench than JA as Cartwright can easily fill a 9, 6 or 7 spot if need be and is quicker than Jake in more areas 

          • Daz, honestly I do not believe a word that spills out of BA's mouth with regards to N Brown. As Your fellow wordsmith HOE says in reply to your post, there have been severall "reasons" put forward by BA to excuse his snubbing of Brown. I am convinced N Brown can play the 3rd prop role, with an added spice of line speed. He could open with a 3rd prop role for 20 and then the more ball savy Matterson could come on. 

            Yes JA should not be there and he should be replaced by Simonsson. A bench of, Matto,Simonsson,Kafusi,Cartwright seems far more semi final sensible.

            • My Bob, Spot on.

              If it's really because of the 2024 salary cap (or even next year's cap assuming BA can smoke Brown out earlier from his 2023 contract), BA could still play NB now. But, he chooses not to.

              And if BA really believed NB was no longer fit for first grade, why name him as 18th man on-call for first grade for the previous few weeks?

              PS: Unless, there was an ulterior motive for doing that, of course. And if you study the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle, there's plenty that doesn't quite add up.



              • As mulder says - trust no one 

      • Simmonson is a good player except his defensive reads at times are suspect.. Not much better under the high ball. However, he might have improved since being in reserves for awhile. I'm glad Makatoa is not on the bench. If Moses or Brown get injured or HIA then Jake comes in it will be over as the Cowboys know Jake is a huge liability. They will specifically target Brown and Moses

        • What like any other team targets halves like we will target there halves samething if Dearden or Townsend are gone farked aswell lol Ffs.

          Defense isn't a singular context it just isn't edge and outside decisions are made on what happens inside.If inside is coming outside stays connected that's the key.

          Its why that winning the collision line is important it doesn't just apply to attack.

      • Good points, LB, about rotation order. 

  • This has to be a sick joke.

    • Parramatta will win. Take this to the bank 

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