• Not at all, you do the crime you do the time, I've been suspended twice and neither was warranted due to the actions of others in my opinion but I wore it. Your threat wasn't acted upon at the time but it should be and the precedent is well and truly set not to threaten other members - heat of the moment, joking or even if you're provoked. There's a ban and no right of reply at all.

                  • Hmm what crime? Are you the official 'Policeman' of the site? What threat? Your extremely erratic BrissyFlip and perhaps that's why you follow 2 teams. When a person is erractic they struggle to make their mind up with decisions. If I'm banned/suspended then so be it. I've done nothing wrong.  I certainly won't carry on like a Sooky baby 👩‍🍼🍼 🍼🐬🦄🤣like you BrissyFlip 

                    • Brissy can't wait for the eels to lose so he can straddle his dolphin inflatable doll 

                    • Do you think he has straddled more than once this year? He would have to have a garage full of inflatable 🐬🐬 dolphins

  • lets hope Bailey & Waqa can hold thier nerve, work together, slide as one when required 

    positive is if this duo get it wrong then Marata can jump in at centre 

    • Problem with that is we would then be down a forward. Not good in hot conditions. 

      • Nathan brown should be on the bench 

        • Niukore at centre and a bench of Cartwright, Kaufusi, Brown and Makatoa. Much better set up than Simonsson in the run on squad and Jake on the bench.

          • Makatoa is to slower. I'd have Rodwell 

    • Pretty sure Simmo and sivo will be on the same side while waqa and penisini will still be togehter

This reply was deleted.

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