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Hi Eels fans, can I divert your attention from the Saturday night final coming this week momentarily and ask about the squad for 2021? Scanning the press apparently we have 10 places available with squads staying at 30 but I have only seen mention of the Eels being mentioned in the player market in regards John Asiata (NQ). I am sure there is more going on behind the scenes but can anyone shed any light on players we are trying to get to the fix the hole for 1/3 of the squad? Appreciate a few of the younguns will step up but we will most likely be missing from the 2020 squad a lot of experience - Evans, Gower, Terepo, Davey, Stefano with others off contract W Smith, Taka, Salmon, Rankin. Any insights would be welcome. Cheers

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  • You know as much as any of us. Brads probably waiting to see who's left over that no other club is interested in. 

    • Hahaha

      That's exactly what's happening 

  • Most of those 10 players will stay.

    Taka, Gennings, Terepo, Salmon, Smith, Rankin will all stay.

    Schneider, Hughes will be promoted. 

    Add a couple of recruits, there’s your 30

    • Wrong.

      • We’ll see

    • Youre stuck in a loop there brettles. Bang your head three Times.


  • hollis and Hughes should get game time next season 

  • I think a lot will depend on whether there is a reserve grade comp. If there is no reserve comp i don't see the point in promoting many of our juniors, they have had no game time this year, and by next season they would not have played for a good 18mths, too long to expect them to make any impact. What the NRL should do is, let clubs have 8 players on the interchange bench, but still only use 4 of them. When at full strength, our bench is, Evans, Nuikori, Stone and Kaufusi. Add our 4 reserves, say, Hollis, Hughes, Schnieder and Dunster. You still only use 4 of these 8 players but, depending on how the game is going, we could be leading by 20 with 15-20 minutes to go, then you can use the lesser players to give them experience and game time, if we were in a tight tussle, you would use the experienced players. 

    • I do not agree with you. Just because the young guys haven't played doesn't mean they will add nothing. They have been hitting the gym hard and would not be too far off being match fit. 

      • What Wongy is talking about is experience Rusty!

        Its actually a great idea

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