• Should have kept Brad Drew. Solomona was a freak.

  • The 2020 Panthers are like the 2001 Eels.

  • Who got their pants pulled down by a coke addict when it really mattered lol 

    • Oh dear - I wonder if Johns earned his way to being 1 of only 13 RL Immortables (the greatest to have EVER payed) by being the architect of such big game victories ?

      The 2001 Eels are the STILL the record holders of Most Points & Most tries on s season - bet u didnt know that the 2001 Knights are No2 on the list of Most Points & No3 on the list Most Tries - most people. including yourself FORGET to consider this as they dismissivly but ignorantly throw aside the historically GREAT 2001 Eels

      The Eels were the first to score in the second half to make the score 24-6. In the 64th minute the knights wrapped up the 2001 Premiership when a wide pass from Bill Peden to Andrew Johns who put up a towering kick to Timana Tahu's wing who got tangled up with Luke Burt before getting the ball down about 50 cm inside the touch in goal line. Two minutes later, Jamie Lyon scored to make it 28-12 to keep the Eels in the game. Three Minutes later, the Knights made the margin three converted tries at 30-12 from a penalty goal to Johns after an attempted short drop out by Brad Drew went out on the full. One more try to both Lyon and Hogdson in the final ten minutes got it back to a converted try (30-24) but just wasn't enough for the Eels set a remarkable Grand Final comeback as the Knights went on to clinch the 2001 Premiership from the performance in one of the best 1st halves of a Rugby League Grand Final ever.

      The 2001 Eels are a long way away from being JUST another RL side - and have earned their place as arguably one of the BEST attacking RL sides OF ALL TIME & one of the GREATEST EELS Teams of all time - and that is FACTUALLY a RL TRUTH


      • Tele, didn't parra also have the best defensive record that season aswell?

  • It was an awesome team, but there were early warning signs in the Prelim against the Broncos that the pressure & expectations were starting to wear thin

  • Everyone still talks about how Parramatta choked that GF, and maybe there is some truth to it. But what goes largely un-said, is that Newcastle were without Johns for 8 games during the regular season when he buster a shoulder, including a six game run between Rd 12 and 17 where they lost 4 of those 6 games. Earlier in the year, Newcastle, with Johns in the side, smashed Parramatta 32-14. We beat them when Johns was out. 

    During the regular season, Newcastle averaged 34.6ppg when Johns played. They averaged 19.8 when he did not play and lost 6 from 8. Parramatta averaged 30.8ppg during the regular season. 

    Had Johns not missed those games, Newcastle probably would have won the minor premiership comfortably, and in fact, they were leading the competition when Johns got injured. It should not be forgotten when talking about Parramatta losing that GF,  just how good Newcastle really were that year with their best team on the field. 

    • I remember like it was yesterday. If there was another 5 mins in the game Parra would have won. 

    • Exactly right. Bottom line that year Newcastle at full strength smashed us. I wasn't overly confident going into the GF because of that. 

      • Smashed us twice... 

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