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As you may recall I opened a poll recently asking for nominations of the most popular member on 1 Eyed Eel.

Members both voted and emailed me regarding their favourites.

Honourable mentions go to Wiz, Prof Daz and BEM.

We actually ended up with a tie between Poppa and HOE.

Both polled 14% of the vote.

While I considered holding a run off vote, I spoke to both and they very kindly agreed to donate the jersey to charity.

So on behalf of ALAND and 1 Eyed Eel, that jersey has been donated to heart health charity Heartbeat of Football.

This is a charity very close to my family. It was established by Andy Paschalidis, who was a teammate of my uncle who sadly passed away from a sudden cardiac arrest on the football pitch in 2014.

Their goal is to have an AED installed in every community sporting facility across Australia. They also conduct heart health tests at sporting events.

Given many on this site are men over 30 who traditionally don't go for regular heart health checkups, this serves as your reminder to go and get yourself checked.

Thank you to Poppa and HOE for their kind hearted gesture.

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  • Well done Super.

    Big congrats to both HOE and Poppa for not only coming out on top but graciously giving the jersey to a worthwhile charity.

    Nice work guys. 

    • X1000 well done gents.

    • Thanks BEM. You're another top bloke. It's been an honor getting to know you, mate. 

      • Likewise HOE.

        An absolute pleasure. 

  • Good stuff. I actually didn't think Poppa was so popular....jokes Poppa.

    • No one got a bigger surprise than me mate.....congrats to Hoe who is a much more deserved winner than me when you look at the work he puts in and I should include Daz in there as well. Much appreciated guys and thanks to Super also, who to my understanding doesn't get paid for his time as well.

      • Whilst Super doesn't get paid in the traditional sense, he does receive handys from Phil every Tuesday night. 

        ***jokes*** just kidding folks, it's BJs.

      • I'm blown away - sorry pops 

        what a nice surprise for you !!!!

        I like that it says the regular commentary is not indicative of group feeling - which communicates that many ppl silently watch and appreciate 

        I like it when things go against the trend ( even though I didn't vote for ya 🫶)

        • Thanks for the kind thoughts, I honestly dont know who voted for me either. I was incarcerated at the time and I couldn't even get a vote from Karen. I am not sure how they do it but when you are suspended now everything that comes from my IP even if I use a VPN seems to be caught up. On my childrens and Grandchildrens lives I can say I had nothing to do with the voting process, I voted for Slugg when it was first announced.

          When Super emailed me and told me I honestly thought he was taking the piss. Lol

          As you say I think many do silently watch and I must hit a few spots in their eyes.

  • Wonderful work from both men, very selfless thing to do for a great cause. Well deserved Poppa and HOE.

This reply was deleted.

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