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I fear that unless Parra can turn it around soon then we may be in for years of bad results. If Parra has a similar season to last year or worse then how will the Club attract good young players ie who wants to play for a struggling Club? If Parra can't find some form then we may have to get used to struggle street for a few years.

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You must be young? As a parra fan you just suck it up and deal with it

tommy reeling is right, though he doesn't need to suck it up and deal with it.

He's gotta keep hope that the boys can turn it around.

Tonight's game will decide if we can make it to the finals this year or not.

Without hayne there, im hoping the guys can try and pull off a win.

The records since 09 is that eels have won 1/8 matches when hayne hasn't played.

We gotta improve that!

I don't want us to be called a one man army.

Frikin keating must make good decisions when passing or going for a kick 

Agreed that the Eels need to turn it around, I mean that's a given that even blind Freddy can see.

As for sucking it up and dealing with it, I stand by this comment wholeheartedly. We as fans can whinge and moan about our teams performances all we like , but at the end of the day bar wishing we could don the jersey ourselves and showing them how it's done, there is nothing we can do other than "suck it up and deal with it!"

With the likes of Sio, Blair, Sandow, Roberts, Morgan and Willie Tonga in the team , I doubt we could be called a one player team anymore. The inclusion of an injury free Hayne only adds to the arsenal that will gel together soon enough. By then I'm sure this site will once again be filled with bandwagoners that claimed to be here from the beginning, but in reality are as a vegan in an orgy

LOL Vegan in an orgy LMAO...you're right about the wankers who'll jump on board when the Eels start winning or abandon ship when they start losing. Fans such as ourselves (been supporting Parra since '75) we literally keep the club floating, we support our team in the highs and the lows (like the early 90s). I disagree though with the comment about Parra needing to win tonight to tell that we'll make it to finals. The season has only started and already people saying we're wooden spooners! yeah as if...Penrith or Canberra are my wooden spooners this year (and for the next twenty years)

I'm Italian and I know the history all too well. 
I truly believe what Kearney is doing is gonna work it the long run and we will be very competitive year after year.
The winning culture will be embedded here like in Melb and Bris. 

Rome is also built on some very substantial foundations. 

Ye and the Roman Empire fell apart and like parra is in ruins

I'm sorry but i disagree. It's only early in the year and there is already improvement, and things are only going to get better in years to come. Our backs will consist of Loko, Sio, Blair, Toutai, Hoppa. If Hoppa plays FB with Hayne shifting to 5/8 with Sandow at halfback all we'd need then is a gun hooker and we'd be set.

If Hopa starts at Fullback Hayne moves to France.

Either way we still have an exciting line up to look forward too, it's not all doom and gloom.

hayne is not a 6 and hoppa is not a 1 hayne is a 1 and hoppa is a 3 or 4

While things are looking gloomy right now Kearney and Nolan are doing some really good things in the way of junior development, an area that has been neglected and poorly handled since the departure of Brian Smith from the club. Our fomer head of recruitment Rod Reddy should head his head in shame at some of the players now performing at high levels at other clubs that he passed on. Unfortunatly it will be some time before we reap the rewards of the structures being installed so will have to rely on recruitment in the tme being and that could mean paying overs for players to get them to come to the club. Fingers crossed we can snare a couple of decent players in the next couple of seasons.


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