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Season just finished and I’m already counting the minutes till the new season kicks off.
Thought I’d count down each day with a word for the day.
Everyone can join in with their own till Thursday March 8th at 8pm.
For those who are interested that’s 146 days 7 hours and 40 minutes.

Anyway the word for today is...

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That’s how I feel when I read one of Slipperys posts. ;)
To which Slippery are you referring to Frank, as there are a few on here?
FOOL, what I think when I see a Slippery Eel 4 post
There you go again Slugg name calling! Your breaking the ‘code of conduct’ rules and doing what ‘1eyedeel’ ( Phil) specifically requested everyone not to do. Are you having a bad day, mate? If you want to share your problems Slugg I’m here mate.

Slippery stop stirring shit, its getting old, people have been calling each other fools and dopes here forever, get over it, its hardly anything to carry on about.

I think Snake you need to get your facts correct, mate! I’m not stirring anything but your buddy Slugg is attempting too! If you recently read the 1eyedeel (Phil’s) blog regarding name calling then based upon that blog it’s inappropriate to call people names. So when your mate Slugg starts to refrain from the name calling I’ll continue to stop reminding him. In the meantime have a nice day/ evening.

You need to man the f*** up and get over when somebody calls you a fool or the likes, your continual parrot like referral to the code of conduct over completely nothing is f****** boring, its as bad as Grunta.

Just man up and stop acting like a little catty b**** ffs, stop filling the front page with whinging nonsense.

Go Away Snake!
What about vagina is that ok?
Who are you referring to Slugg?

Snake v Monto

Thats one of my favourite words Frank. Good way to start.


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