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A group of Wests Tigers Members were treated a special surprise today — a tour of the new Western Sydney Stadium which will host Wests Tigers games in 2019!

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So are we sharing the stadium as a home ground with other clubs?

It is likely that when seats have been allocated members will be given an opportunity to inspect the facilities and their seats in the same way that we were for ANZ.

Gone are the days when Parra stadium was our home ground.

Now that it is the Western Sydney Stadium, it is open for every other team to use.

As far as I am concerned we no longer have a home ground we can call our own.

We basically have a mini ANZ.

End of an era.

Yep make no mistake in a few years time the eels tigers and panthers will share the stadium
I'm not so sure. I've been worried about this happening as well, but then I remembered that tigers and maybe even bulldogs called Parramatta stadium home in like the mid 90s or something. Everyone still saw it as parra's stadium first and foremost back then. There's also the fact our leagues club is next door so we will be loving all the other fans pumping their cash into our club. I will say this though, I'm not a huge fan of the name for the stadium. I guess time will tell whether this is good or not.

Yes exactly right Nitram these teams did play some games at Parra for a while. Wests will play a few games there and Penrith and Canterbury might even play some as well. The difference is that WSS will not be their main ground, unlike Parra who will play all their home games there.

In the end, fans of other teams still have to travel to Parramatta to get to the stadium, and they would be well aware of that!

I throught it was going to be called Parramatta stadium not WSS

It will be Paul.

Like Brooky being called Lottoland, that didn't last long.

It is as never going to be called Parramatta Stadium Paul, never.

Blah blah blah blee blee blee whinge whinge whinge there’s better things in life than a bloody footy stadium 

Shhhhhhhhhhhh Monster - we are discussing the BIG issues here - a rubble pit for a yet to be completed cow paddock.

Have you no sensitivity man?

I just can’t believe the jerseys we wore this season ;)


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