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Why do teams have nearly perfect discipline against us.

We have played terrible this year and have massive issues we need to fix but in yet another game we hardly received a penalty.  From the 4th minute till about 70th minute we didn't receive 1.

Penalties wouldn't have changed our season however it points to poor performances from refs and our inability to influence or talk to refs.  Why aren't our players in refs ear reminding them the penalty count.  Always see other teams do it and get a penalty pretty shortly afterwards

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At all levels in the club. 

Coaching staff, playing group, administration. 

I just watch Melbourne beat Manly through exactly this point. Discipline. They were being well outplayed early and making dumb silly errors too. Down 12-0 they just stuck to it. Defended extremely well. No fuss, no brain explosions, finished their sets. Eventually momentum swung and they got back into the contest. Not through freakish play but solid play on the back of  military level defence. 

We are so far behind Melbourne at all levels and it shows on the field. We can fix this but the first part is admitting you have a problem. I feel given our year and the impending spoon we can finally admit how far off the pace we are and, through the review make a blueprint to truly re-shape our club. That’s the theory at least. 

My worry is we have been in this position many times in the past 10 years yet here we still are. 

The question is, will we actually learn anything and if we do will we actually act on it?.

Agree, and the aspects that get to me is that we get a new coach and there is solid improvement for x years and then the wheels fall off.

Seems that no matter who the coach is, the can only get a few years of upper movement/improvement before falling away.  Even in the golden time with Jack Gibson as coach had he stayed, would he have suffered the same thing with that playing group? Dud year between the next trophy and then what?

Thats the problem HKF.. We don,t seem able to move on. So many glaring problems are there in the open and the club seems blind to addressing them. My big issue is the style of play which has let us down so badly and the constant brain farts.. What effort has been made to deal with these issues at a professional level so that you can see some attempt to address them--not much. Hopefully the review will be handled professionally with the use of the best resources to get the right people on board. 


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