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Any ideas???

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The team and coach thought they only have to be two games better than 2017, they expected to be in the finals at the trial against Newcastle everyone told them how good they are and by half time round one they believed their own press and it all fell apart in the following three halves of footy.
Gimme a B “B!”
Gimme a A “A!”

Staff, fitness, loyalty, pushing luck with aging side.
5 year plan it’s only been 3 years
Dean Pay has just starting building the foundations at the bulldogs and is already getting results.

Can you imagine the uproar if dean pay went the Brad Arthur style and purchased old retirement bums such as Watmough Scott, Vave, Matagi Gower Willams hoffman and vave !

Brad is all about brad's $$$, its a fk the club attitude and try to win a few games short term. That's the reason we are absolutely fkd

Arthur got better results than Pay in every season except this one. 2018 is a flash in the pan for us. We'll be back in the middle of the table next year. And don't forget we smashed this Dragons side too.

If anyone had an excuse for getting the spoon it was Pay. 

But on the back of 5 years of the BA method...spoon. 

Any coach would win the spoon at our club eventually. Kearney won it in year two. Stuart won it in his first year (he also won a premiership in his first year at the Roosters). We lack the resources and stability for consistent success.

It’s not the fact we are winning the spoon it’s the manner in which we are winning it - comprehensively, with a team that on paper is mid to low top 8.

Whats also worrying is that this is BAs team, a team that he built over 5 years to be peaking and challenging for a title right now, 5 years Pou, stop making ridiculous excuses - you’re starting to sound like you’re banging the guy or sucking him off.

We all know Arthur had to start rebuilding in late 2016 after most players were already signed up. So it's been two years since then. If we're shit next year we won't re-sign him.

We lost the only bloke who knew where to find the try line.


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