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Ok so this theme was run a few years back and opened a few eyes as to who exactly you were talking to . Is that mental picture you have of the name you see on the page accurate ? Well I'll start , who else is game to put up a pic of yourself for a while along with something from your list of hobbies .

Let's get some insight into each other's lives . Feel free to leave your pic as long or short as you feel fit . Or just stalk and bat off over the pics ..

The blog will be deleted when it's run its course .

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I'm not young , but thanks for the compliment Brettles . I'm 40 in February .
You are young. I'm fifty next year
I'm interested to know the picture you had of me Brett ? Don't hold back , it'll be interesting to know what image I give off online haha . An angry old white man ?

Cute kid Wiz and your not a bad looking rooster.

I'd like to say he got his good looks from his mother ....... but I can't .

My mrs just saw your pic and said you look like we are brothers lol, i must say on a side profile we have a similar face, must be from the same heritage.

I'm half Somalian and half Eskimo Snake . And you ?


I'm half mad

Cute kid you got there.

Looks a bit like his old man too.


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