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Ok so this theme was run a few years back and opened a few eyes as to who exactly you were talking to . Is that mental picture you have of the name you see on the page accurate ? Well I'll start , who else is game to put up a pic of yourself for a while along with something from your list of hobbies .

Let's get some insight into each other's lives . Feel free to leave your pic as long or short as you feel fit . Or just stalk and bat off over the pics ..

The blog will be deleted when it's run its course .

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I'm not young , but thanks for the compliment Brettles . I'm 40 in February .
I'm interested to know the picture you had of me Brett ? Don't hold back , it'll be interesting to know what image I give off online haha . An angry old white man ?

Cute kid Wiz and your not a bad looking rooster.

I'd like to say he got his good looks from his mother ....... but I can't .

My mrs just saw your pic and said you look like we are brothers lol, i must say on a side profile we have a similar face, must be from the same heritage.

I'm half Somalian and half Eskimo Snake . And you ?


Cute kid you got there.

Looks a bit like his old man too.

Haha thanks mate , he's a sook though . A real mummy's boy . I've got a daughter as well and unfortunately you and I are both in for the same pain my friend with our little princess's . You're going to have to get a shotgun to keep them away mate .

It's hard to find any boy/guy that isn't a mummy's boy. He doesn't look to thrilled having to share the game with you, did he want to go on it alone.

Always good to know that I'm not alone, how old is your princess? Remember I am Arab, don't need a shotgun. But do have it covered with 1 of my bro in security while my other bro is a cop


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