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How come Kenny is never picked for any international side?
Wikipedia states he was born in Nz but yet he never even gets mentioned for any squad ever picked.
I assume he is eligible for samoa from the looks of him.
Surely he can atleast make the squad.
I understand he's played for a NZ residents side.
To me thats like playing in the local park side.
Can someone elaborate?

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Iv always wondered this to
He was asked to represent NZ but chose to spend time with his family.
Because he's got brains and didn't want to play under that Donkey Kidwell.

He could have done the token thing like Tamou did a few years ago and play for the NZ Māori.

It's a shame Kalyan Ponga got injured he was going to do the same.

What, play for that Donkey Kidwell?

Kidwell isn't it he's left over cancer from the Kearney years.

The NZRL are to dumb and instead of getting the best coach they think they should pick a kiwi to do it instead of getting the best man for the job.

Tell you what if BA had the Kiwis we'd beat the Aussies I reckon and would be more consistent.
I definitely thought he should be there but I knew it wouldn’t happen because the kiwis don’t have a clue what they’re doing. Kenny would’ve gave them some heart and lift them when he comes onto the field. They’re such an uninspired team.
The triple K ,Kearny kidwell khara
He would be an assest to any of the teams he played for
Maybe coz he is shit
Lol he can't play for Samoa, he's just from NZ


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