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Why shouldn't BA released ?

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Walker Brother's?

Justin Holbrook is a very very good target . But he’s only just started his ESL coaching career . After 2 seasons over there I will say right now he will be a fantastic NRL coach . Getting him now would mean we would have to endure a season or two of him adapting to the big time . Given the cut throat nature of the NRL coaching gig , he’d be a fool to rush in now and stick to enjoying learning his trade over there.  

Personally id do either , 

Stick with BA for the remainder of his contract and bring in a coaching director, all whilst nutting out a deal with Justin for 2020 . 

Get Bennett on a 2 year deal whilst still negotiating with Holbrook for 2020 as Benny’s assistant and from 2021 as our head coach . A year working with Bennett would be an excellent kick start for a future coach . if Bennett doesn’t work for 2019 Justin takes over in 2020.

1 the guy bleeds blue and gold.
2 with what the club has put him through deserve to atleast see out his contract
3 this is his first stint as a coach he has the qualities and training to do this for a long time, he has made alot of mkstakes especially recruitment and really need a recruitment team around him how he gkt a roster this bad to play last year was special, parra has enough offcontract and being shopped around to go to market like newcastle did lets see what he does nextseason, fans deserve a good coach who cares about the club.
4 jennings and norman being tapped on the shoulder and the players parra are currently talking to means he is learning

I love when someone says ‘BA bleeds blue n gold’ or ‘he should see out his contract because of the salary Cap debacle’.....

His getting paid to do his job and on reports his getting $1mill to do it!!! Now if he was doing it for free then those above statements I could live with.

His had his time and not everything has worked out the way he would have liked but guess what?? Such is life.

He needs to be sacked!!

We all bleed blue and gold, just because he is a Parra boy and a good bloke doesn't mean he should get any extra special treatment from the club.

Would people be still sticking up for Stuart or Kearney if we were in this position???? 

I agree with the above comments.

I think people are overlooking the fact that coaching is a job, and for that job people get paid, and paid pretty well in the NRL I might add. As a result of that job, a coach will be judged by the success or failure of the team they are coaching.

So BA might bleed blue and gold, and BA might be a top bloke, but that has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not he should be retained as a coach.

Well said Baz.

The coach can only take responsibility for the teams performance basically off the field.  The inept performances by certain players against Souths was not the fault of the coach. Souths are a top team in both weight and experienced players, the aspect that they scored 8 tries against the eels 5 shows a difference in the overall quality between the two sides.  3 tries difference between the two teams while not good is not that bad.

We need more than one reliable kicker both for goals and for general kicking.  The coach needs to give whoever is in charge of player recruitment and signing a list of players he wants to be signed in order of priority.

Go for Bennet, no way he did ok at Saints but he is a QLD coach and after he left NCLE and Brown tool over its taken several years to clear out his mess.

Bring in Maquire as football manager.

BA  needs to be given the chance to bring in or up the players he wants at the club.

Colin, I think BA is testing out others for back up goal kicking. French was kicking for ages at the open training sesh in Darwin...doing both line dropouts and goals....he only missed one goal out of the tonnes he did from all different areas of the field..so not bad.

you would have seen him doing some of the line dropout kicks against the cows

Amanda, I didn't see the Darwin game, but its good that French is doing a lot of kicking, it actually makes me wonder if he could be better used in the middle in place of Norms?  He's around the same size as MM, but it does mean a near 10kg drop in weight difference to Norms.  I really see the need for more than one player to have the ability to kick for field positions rather than just the one we seem to be employing, meaning its easy to target one player, yet Souths used Reynolds with success as how much pressure was put on him?

I have had a gut full of the dumb plays by Norms after his lashing out and kicking the souths grubber across field (on the last tackle count) that ended up with Souths scoring another try.  He went missing and was wandering around on the outside too often for mine.

My Dad (Roosters fan and used to play for them wayyyyyy back in the day) said he would be interested to see French in the halves...but also likes him for fullback......

he and hayne seem to be working on/testing out some combos with a chip kick..

You got in before me Amanda,

Chief, what right do you have to put ultimatums to anyone?

What did you learn last night, that you didn't know previously. You have put BA in the gutter for so long now and anything the team does you relentlessly kick him.

Souths last night boasted 4 current Origin players, Ingliss, Cook, Crighton and Gangai. Plus 3 pommie internationals, throw in Reynolds and Walker as halves....as good as any and probably Reynolds has the best kicking game in the comp plus Johnston at fullback, who would not be out of place in any side with a forward pack like Souths.....imagine how many tries French would be scoring if he was playing fullback or wing in that Souths side?

You guys are calling yourself realists, that is a complete misnomer, Unicorns are optimists and realistic about the alternatives and yes the buck stops with BA. How many times can it stop with him and he is helpless to do anything about it to the issues get addressed.

Parramatta were outclassed last night and will be outclassed again, that is a realist comment. Those blokes tried their guts out. Nothing went right from Norman's wrongfully called knock on. That cost us 6 points before half time and arguably created the momentum for their immediate try straight after.

I would like to see a few of the bunnies (no pun) on this site try and see them catch those Reynolds bombs.


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