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Had a chat with former Parramatta Eel Tulsen Tollett about his footy career, his life and what he's up to now. 

Enjoy it.


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Good insightful interview. Thx Ricky.

Tulsen's the guy that deserves credit for that. 

He just wrote and wrote to give as much background to the questions as possible. 

I remember Tulsens first ever game for parra where he kicked the match winning field goal beating penrith at penrith 11-10 in round 1 1993.
Best halfback we have had since peter sterling.hall of fame contender maby.
He used to teach PE at my high school when he played at Parra. Back when players had real jobs
Ha, then I read the article and he refers to the school. Really personable sort of guy I remember him as

Yeah, he really opened up on it all, iamnot. 

Quite refreshing actually. 

Great guy

 Ricky : I watch BBC News often. Recently I saw on their Sports section Tulsen Tollett doing his thing. I thought that it could not be the TT that used to play for the Eels ! But he was blond and in good physical shape and did a really good job in presenting the Sports news. I was going to ask on here if anyone new if it was `our` TT but you beat me to it! He has done well with his life after football and may achieve more. I remember him well playing for the Eels--with his blond hair. If you are in touch with him I wonder if you could ask him if he knows  Sally Bundock at BBC News Service? I got a crush on her some years ago when she was very young!  She got married but is still on the BBC News and is a bit of a card- as they say. Nothing wrong with some humour but did not expect it on the BBC!! Enjoyed your report very much. The Eels might think about making Tulsen a sort of overseas ambassador? He is in a  high place over-there and could be useful for us.

I enjoyed the read, great job Ricky. 

I would thoroughly enjoy an interview with Paul Kent. I'd love to hear his thoughts on the 1 and only first grade game he played.

Not having a go at the guy, despite only playing one game, he will always be able to claim he's played first grade. Most die hard fans would love to claim that. Obviously he was no super star but he was no mug either. Thousands of budding league players would kill to play 1 game on the big stage. 

I think if approached in the right manner, Kent would like to tell his story, not many if any have shown interest in his league career.  

I'm also curious to know how many players have played just 1 first grade game, there couldn't be too many out there. 

Yeah. They could make a feature film of it.


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