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He has been sacked by the Broncos and bennet isn't allowed to have him at the rabbits. I believe he would help ba massively or worst case scenario a good replacement in house. That's obviously if we can't get anyone experienced if we fail next year. Think he would bring alot of forty IQ and few helpful tips to get the team performing. Wouldn't hurt that's for sure I feel.

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He is to switched on for the eels , unless you have really poor credentials you have zero chance of getting a start at the eels . 

I know he was very highly rated at the Broncos and will probably end up an NRL coach at some stage. Would be a great asset if he formed a good relationship with BA. Strange they shafted him, I'm assuming Siebold must be getting Furner in as assistant.

Furner has taken the job at Leeds. I think it more likely that Seibold wants his own choices for assistants, most coaches do.

Furner is in super league mate. Head coach of Leeds

If Parra were going to go down the path of getting a Rookie Coach in id prefer them to go after Dymock.Still think Brian Smith would be perfect for Parra right now.He will get Parra into a position where they are going to be competitive

I agree with you regarding Brian Smith. The club should do whatever it takes to get him back. As for the rookie coach, I'm not sold on Dymock. I'd be looking at Justin Holbrook

Given the direction the club supposedly wants to head, I don't think we should be looking at any rookie coaches. I reckon Michael McGuire is the one we should have targeted, but that ship has sailed.

He should be Parra’s back up plan, bring him in!!!

Hell yes get him now

I'd definitely be offering Demetriou a position. Very experienced in coaching for a guy his age and had success with the Cowboys as well as working under Bennett.

Think it would be a great move on Parra’s part although I think it’s million to one to happen!

Although knowing our luck he'll get implicated in some kind of salary cap investigation concerning the Broncos if we were to sign him.


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