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Was the Penrith loss was down to Scott, Taka and King. Some evidence to help us decide ... So I watched that 2nd half again while on the recombinant bike at home. Notepad in hand. Serious geek stuff but exercise too. Draw your own conclusions from the following:

- Penrith 1st try: Blake's excellent broken field running BUT King and Ma'u fell of the tackle

- Penrith first few sets second half: running straight at Scott/Taka on the right ... (NOT Moses)

- Penrith 2nd try: after Hayne and Moses tackled Cleary on our line, Kikau (sp?) rolls through French's hand-grab and over Hayne coming across from marker. Why was French 4 in from touch, in a second rowers defensive position? Because Scott went to 3 in and Taka was 2 in (at centre). The second rowers (Scott and Taka) were out of position (Taka too far out and Scott failing to adjust inward with the ball runner)

- Penrith penalty goal (to even it up): Kikau went through because King fell of the tackle (Moses had Kikau's legs). Penalized for slowing down

- Penrith penalty goal (to go ahead 2): Kikau slices between ... Scott and Taka (Moses gets binned after he tackles Cleary)

- Penrith 3rd try: With Moses off Cleary breaks Mau's tackle in the set after the kickoff, but Norman collars him. Next play Cleary and Maloney run into each other. But whatever, not long after, with 22 mins left and down to 12 men we finally get the ball into the Riff quarter and Norman puts through a kick aiming for a repeat set. Right idea but bad luck as he hits the ref and Mansour makes a break from the broken play. Cleary breaks down-field right between ... Scott and Auv'a. Right through the spot where Norman would be IF Norman for some reason had not of went down after putting through the kick. Either Norman was fouled (bad luck) or Norman needs to man up and not go down for attention when we already have just 12 on the field. Anyway, it's a runaway and Blake in again.

- Hardly the "Cleary master-class" as said in the papers. Cleary only came into the game twice, backing up Kikau's break and running through a hole left by 11 men on the field. Otherwise he ran into Maloney once and late in the game through a grubber to Maloney for a knock-on. Good for you dude.

- It's now 22-14 and after that it's just a comedy of Eels errors and poor kick options. Notably, on one play Moses creates numbers on the left but Taka had stopped running, and later Edwards made a break after Taka failed to lock up the ball carrier and King missed a tackle.


PS: all good players individually, but collectively they did not work well together.

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Keep Taka, King gets fitter or needs some management if viable and not sure about Scott.   He was great the first few plays and I basically lost my shit too at halftime.  

Apparently Manly also gassed.   Avua on form is a fringe player.   Replace with Taka and or Will Smith this week and somehow bring back Kenny.  

We need at least three additional big boppers to compete with the cows so we need a different approach. 

Kenny and Smith and whatever and it's 13+ against Manly.   

I blame global warming for the loss.

35 degrees in Autumn???? Clear evidence of climate change. 

Anyone who disagrees with me is wrong and a moron. 

Wrong. It was the Russians' fault we lost.

They cause climate change denial as well.


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