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Despite having plead guilty to assaulting his girlfriend Sally Robinson, ordered to attend a behavioural amendment group and pay $3000 to Women's Health, Greg Inglis has declared that there's no longer a place in the game for Andrew Johns after it emerged he made a racially charged remark directed at Inglis during a Blues bonding session leading up to SOO 2.

What a hypocritical prick! Whilst I admire both Johns' and Inglis' ability on a footy field, I've never much cared for them as people as I think they're both cut from the same cloth, i.e. a cloth diametrically opposed to that of Nathan Hindmarsh. But honestly, when it emerged that Inglis had assaulted his girlfriend, he, along with his manager, club and Storm team mates called for calm and begged the public not to judge Inglis until all the facts were out.

Now, despite the fact that said racist remark was directed at Inglis, it was made not to Inglis' face, and thus he cannot possibly know all the facts surrounding the incident. If Inglis wanted (and received) benefit of the doubt, I can't see why Johns can't expect the same courtesy.

Let's face it. Neither racism nor violence towards women are tolerated in our society and both parties appear to have be guilty of one of these acts of wrongdoing. As such, I don't think either qualify to comment on another's integrity or indeed their position within the game!

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Agreed. But don't hate him too much because there is a possibility he will be in the blue and gold next year.

He is a hell of a player but for the life of me I can't understand why he appears to have been selected as Melbourne's unoffical spokesman appearing often on the footy show and the like. He does more harm than good every time he opens his mouth.
Should there be a spot in the game to players assulting women? I think A.Johns knows he was in error and has paid the price up to date. Greg Inglis is not the most intelligent player going around.What do you expect from someone who cannot put two words together.
YAWN....................GET OVER INGLIS
VIOLENCE TO WOMEN IS FAR WORSE THAN NAME CALLING , INGLUS & MANLYS STEWART SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM THE GAME FOREVER , Inglus cant take words ? sticks and stones may break my bones but names can never hurt us , in our culture (AUSTRALIAN ) , we learnt that at 3 or 4 years old , Inglus get a life and get over it , Your STORM payments and assults deserve more punishment , ANY PLAYER THAT COMMITS ASSUALTS ,FRAUD ,RACIST , THEFT ,DRUGS should have ZERO tollerance no matter who it is , They should be removed from the sport ... Want to speak up Inglus -- OK i will too , Pack your bags !!!! and yes johns should go !!!!!!!
Greg Inglis, Brett Stewart, Greg Bird, Andrew Johns, Matthew Johns, they are all the same! They were great on the field , but as role models and spokespeople for the game lets get serious, the quicker these incompetent idiots shut their mouths , then the better off the game will be.

Every time there is a controversy within the game, you can bet your last dollar that one of these monkeys will voice their opinion, an opinion that is neither asked for nor substantiated !


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