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Takairangi - Starting Foward - Bench Utility or Wenty Selection

Due to the club stating that Takairangi has been training in the forwards (ie., will play in the forwards this year) it answered the question where Hayne will play (ie. Centre).  But it has thrown some other questions up such as the following:  

Q1.  Should Takairangi start in the backrow with Moeroa or Ma'u dropping to the bench?  

Q2.  Should Takairangi move to the bench with Edwards and Scott?  If so then we only have one genuine frontrower on the bench being either Alvaro or Evans.  If we have Edwards and Takairangi on the bench at the same time then we cannot have Smith and or Pritchard on the same bench.    

Q3.  Should Takairangi start the season for Wenty?

Q4.  Do we need two genuine frontrowers on the bench, or is one enough?    

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Don't take to much notice where anyone is playing to after the trials and the announcements are not set in concrete.

You maybe surprised if BA is not on a completely different track to the thinking out there. Most of the journalist's questions are "Dorothy Dix's" with the answer being politically correct. Taka say's he is happy being in the pigs....he is possibly quiet horrified. 

Evans ain't done shit yet and is coming off reserve for the reserves at Easts and injured for Fiji.

I am not convinced that all the conjecture is nothing more than just that!

Evans will be in the top 17 and would be on very good coin.  Evans was only dropped to Wyong after he signed with us and when he played for Wyong he was streets ahead of every other forward on the field.  He wasn't dropped due to poor form.  He was punished and dropped for leaving the Roosters.    

Takairangi did play in the backrow for the Gold Coast prior to coming to Sydney.  I think Taka knows he is too slow to continue playing in the centres.  Against fast centres BA would switch Semi and Taka in defence as Taka struggled with fast centres getting on his outside.  As a secondrower Taka will be very mobile (slow centre, but fast forward).  Taka also has a good off load so we should have even move second phase play if he plays in the forwards (could be a good move).  Being 6'4'' Taka also gives our pack some height along with Evans.    

BA has stated a few things such as Taka has to be in the 17.  He also has stated Smith has to be in the 17.  BA also dropped Vave and brought in Kaysa for the last game last year with no match fitness, therefore BA does have a high opinion on him.  

The 13 that runs out onto the field in the first half against Newcastle trial will highly likely be the starting team for the Penrith game.  

Evans made no impression on Easts fans Dave, When Taka played back row for the Titans he was just a player, in the new look Parra side Taka was good value in the centres for the wrestle, we all love him.

You say he is too slow for the centres but his last 3 games of rugby league was in the New Zealand Test side as a centre.

If the answer to 4 is yes, than everything you are saying by quoting announcements won't happen

Evans would not be on more than 300k would he?

I would suspect Evans would be on Mannah and Scott money, not Brown money.  

Did you see any roosters games? Evans was hopeless that's why he was dropped. If he is on "good coin" then it is more wasted money. He is not a first grader & a shadow to our current top four Mannah, Alvara, Matagi & Terepo.

I'm betting BA can get the best out of him.

We trust in BA.  BA did wonders for Brown and the team in general last year.  Just think how many rep (top tier) players did we have last year compared to the other top 3 teams?    

I agree with Brett and you here BD but we have to be realistic what Kenny said is real as well.

As a Parra supporter I do not want to see any failures for the sake of winning points in these debates. I think we can only put a perspective on things by saying we "just hope" that BA can work his magic and improve Evans to be good enough to be on the bench and then "start".

I put my negativity to Tim Mannah in the same context and hope he can regain the form to justify a starting position. The reality is last year the repeated head knocks were a great concern and have definitely had an effect at that stage.

Mannah is again a management of injury situation, lets hope it is going to happen.

As you highlighted recently, opinions are subjective.  The games I saw of Evans at the Roosters and Wyong last year were good to quite good and from what I saw I would put him in front of all of our middle forwards excluding Brown.  Hopefully the hard work he has done over the break and being at a new club will improve and invigorate him.  Only time will tell whether he is successful or not.    

I think Taka would make a great ball playing backrower, however, I still have him behind Mau, Moeroa and Brown. At best he's a bench player, but then what happens if you want to carry cover for a hooker? There's a lot of pieces to the 2018 jigsaw puzzle yet to be sorted. Maybe BA has a fair idea of what he wants to go with, but just how that will sit with the fans and whether it translates to on-field success is yet to be seen. One things for sure, we've got more options this year than we've had for a long, long time. Any way you look at it there's going to be some quality players wearing black and white this year.

THE team looks defensively better with Hayne on the wing and Takarangi in the centres.

I'm not too sure who is the better alround defender - Takairangi or Hoffman.  Takairangi is very strong fronton but does struggle to read the block play and would arguably be the slowest centre in the game, particularly last year.  The very fact Semi had to defend in the centres last year was writing on the wall that Takairangi was in the transition of doing a Ben Smith.    



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