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Couldn't give a stuff about Souths, but watching that game it is bleedingly obvious that the Refs favour non Sydney teams. Can't believe how long they let the cowboys lay around in the tackle before calling held, slowing any momentum Souths manage to get.

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Ross... im sorry i dont like it
The refereeing in the NRL is an absolute disgraceful farce! The refereeing causes:
1) Total outcomes of games.
2) Changes momentum in games.
3) Favours certain teams over others.
4) Favours certain players over others.
5) Is totally untouchable and above the Rugby League Law & Rules they are supposed to uphold.
I second that slippery
I third that
Have you ever watched the sharks play ?
Refs often decide games through error and I guess i would be amiss to suggest a ref has NEVER EVER been paid off or cheated for other reasons, however I see no major benefit to the NRL or the refs on an individual level to favour non-sydney teams.
True, there's no way the NRL would resort to that sort of thing to try and grow the game, that would be as stupid as playing an NSW ORIGIN home game in Melbourne, oh, hang on, we do that all the time!
I must admit the sharks do seem to get the same favours even though they are a Sydney team

I took the Cowgirls in a tipping comp, but geez they got some luck. Clear knock on by them not called, but a pass goes straight through Sutton's hands and clearly backwards and they couldn't call knock on quick enough. I reckon there were probably 8 bad calls in that game and the Cows got 7 of them. The calls definitely favoured the Cows in that one.


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