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Login into to nrl supercoach and put this code into the invited to a league section

Ok I give up. This is very frustrating.

I have registered on the Daily Telegraph's NRL Supercoach page.

Can't find "invited to a league" or similar anywhere.

Would appreicate some help.

If you can work that out give up, or go to your local friendly library, serious though how hard is it ?
I do it in the app go to the league section and there’s a little icon bottom right hand corner. Opposite corner to refresh symbol, once in there hit join a league and put the code number in. Hope that works

Thanks for the helpful reply Sporto84.

To the other two replies, if you don't want to help don't reply. We support the same team - why the hostility?

I have played before, and turns out there's a technical problem not letting me sign in properly that I've had to refer to the page's tech support.

I joined. Those having trouble joining should prob not bother any more. SC is going to be way to hard for you and you will prob give up after a few weeks.

I'm in boys :) 

I'm in

Done... in.

"League 838516 is not joinable"

Haven’t played for a few years , might give it a whirl again this year 


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