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Stuart Kelly game (Round 20) at ANZ Stadium Eels vs Tigers get out there to show your support

Just watched the interview on 60 minutes with the Kelly family regarding the tragic situation they have gone through losing their two sons, first Thomas in 2012 from a coward punch in Sydney's Kings Cross then his younger brother Stuart in 2016 as a result of suicide. The parents have gone through hell, i'm a tough bugger but was reduced to tears as a result of this interview. The NRL is putting on a tribute to metal health awareness match featuring the Eels and Tigers at ANZ Stadium 2 weeks from now (Round 20) 

The message is SK - Stay Kind (also Stuart Kelly's initials) Stuart was a massive Eels supporter and his father Ralph a Tigers supporter, however on that day the family will be throwing their support behind the Eels in honour of Stuart. 

Get out there and show your support. 


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I was just speaking to a Canadian about Stuart Kelly just the other day. The man was shocked but he said same shit happens here, especially in Victoria, which is on Vancouver Island. I was just there last year and it's a rough city, very pretty but rough as catshit. Lucky I'm there for one night. The biggest problem, even back home, is Ice. Gotta be a fwit to do Ice.
Do ticketed members get recipical entry to this game?

When i first read this i thought it was about Stu Kelly who played for the Eels.

Its a really ggood idea though

great blog, sunday will be a good day


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