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Over the weekend, Mark Pigram left me a voicemail message regarding various complaints he was going to make about this site, and then he called back to let me know that a raft of former board members "who all have one thing in common, they hate your site" were going to be co-signatories on the complaint. I won't mention any names, because I have nothing other than Mark's word to suggest this is the case, but I guess it's no secret either that various boards have not appreciated the open-ness of this site.

One of my greatest personal flaws is that I'm only ever at my most motivated, when I feel I've been wronged, or have a point to prove. I only really started treating this site seriously, when I got booted off League Unlimited, and I'd pretty much made a decision to back away from the politics of the club until I got suspended. Indeed, most of the things I'm proudest off in my life, started with me saying to myself "well, I'll show you".

And so that voicemail, has triggered another one of those moments for me. I'm sure you all know that I've stepped back from the site for the past couple of years - there have been various reasons for that, but mostly related to a lack of time due to my business growing and commitments like my junior rugby league involvement. I've also wanted for the site to develop its own "brand" that wasn't tied to myself. However, I guess what I've come to realise most recently is that I'm never really going to be able to create any real distance between myself and the site and that my own "brand" is tied to the site and the community.

So the upshot of all this, is I've put 1Eyed back on my plate - I've re-organised my schedule to give it a dedicated amount of time each day, and I've made a commitment to take it to the next level and start working towards building something even bigger and better, and something that I, and indeed everyone that is part of the community, can be really proud of.

The first step in that, in solving the technical problems. The biggest issue we have faced with the site is we've been kind of stuck on an old, unsupported platform for a number of years that as you all know is buggy and has had a bunch of technical issues. As its a hosted platform (ie I don't have control of the computers that the data relies on) moving platforms has generally come with a compromise of losing the history of the site, and I haven't wanted to do that. However, I've had some firm discussions with the platform provider, and work has now started on moving us across to the latest version of their platform, while retaining hopefully all, or at least most of, the old content. All goes well that should take place in the next few weeks, but given technical projects almost always take longer than expecting, I'm treating it as a "rest of 2017" project. The completion of that, will move the platformto the same one that the Orf Seezun experimental site ran on, which those of you that tried it, will know provides a far superior mobile experience. 

However, it also gives me a bunch of flexibility to put in place a number of ideas, I've had for a long time, and I'm keen to get back into writing for the site as well. And I'm totally open to any of you guys who would like to get more involved, or have ideas, to throw them by me and we'll see what we can do. If you want to get more involved with the site, let me know.

There are two reasons the site has annoyed past power-brokers of the club. Firstly, it does have a massive reach and as such is particularly influential, but also because we have never shied away from giving supporters a voice, even if they're things that the people who running the club, don't particularly want to hear. The site is often criticised for being negative. It's not. It's just has a very low tolerance for fools and those who put themselves before the club. As has been shown by the general appreciation across the site for the work of Max Donnolly since he has come in and pushed forward the reform movement, this community can be very supportive of those in the club who get in and do a great job. And I also believe whole-heartedly this site better than any other platform reflects the broader Eels supporter-base. The feelings I read on here, are invaraibly the exact same words I hear around me when I go out to a game.  

I believe the club needs this site. I believe we wouldn't be so far down the path of reform and professionalism if it wasn't for the pressure that has been exerted at various points of history. And I can't help but feel pretty guilty when the latest reform proposals were shot down, because I don't think we used the site to support those changes, as we probably could have, and have done in the past. 

So thanks Mark for the kick up the backside. I'm back.

P.S. I have promised Mark Pigram that given he is no longer able to defend himself, that I would not allow for derogatory comments to be made about him, as is generally the policy here for non-members who don't involve themselves at a club-level. So please respect that in both this blog and generally. Thank you.

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Well done, some people don't like honesty or different opinions. Great Work.
Before coming onto this site, I never really had an outlet where I can share the highs and lows that came with supporting this great club and only really had my Dad wearing the Blue and Gold with me.
Put aside some of the Orf Season discussions that can at times get out of hand and political agendas some people come on here to push, I am quite grateful fot this site and for that I thank you Phil.

Save for the back and forth between a few members on here that can get out of hand (which readers can easily just scroll past so it isn't really an issue), I find this site very useful for information on my beloved Eels. Like Rabz, other than this site it is phone calls to the old man that I get my Eels fix from, so I appreciate the value of the site Phil, thanks. I very rarely comment on here, but I do visit the site daily and enjoy a lot of what is said on here.

As for those involved with or previously involved with the club who don't like the site, I think I am safe in assuming that it is those same people who blocked the previous reforms and seem to, from the outside looking in at least, be in it for themselves. At the end of the day it is a public forum primarily about sport, which is something that Aussies are passionate about. So of course there will be varying opinions and beliefs. Keep up the good work Phil.

I feel very privileged to be part of this great site. As the years roll past you get to know some here ain't just your normal supporters, some are involved with the club at so many levels and contribute far more than most. Their insight of the club, administrators, coaching & players themselves leaves you gobsmack. A lot of the time you read it here first, so I thank you all for that. We all know some like to stir but most of the time I love coming on here and reading positive blogs. Last year when we were having our club torn apart, this site explained in great depth what had happened & how it happened. Helped me stick up for the mighty Eels. So thanks again, Phil and to all that contribute have a nice break, cheers!!

i really don,t know much about the background of how the site was established or the politicking going on but enjoy the discussion and those who concentrate on building up players and coach and creating a team spirit involving supporters. i would love people to consider that playing at first grade level is a huge accomplishment in a highly competitive field of players and we should acknowledge that that their a re human spirits in those bodies who would hurt a lot having denigrative  public comments made about their best efforts. i don,t think most of us could cope if these types of comments were made about any of us in our workplace. Your motives 1eyed Eel are highly commended.Thanks

Thanks Phil, for your ongoing commitment to the site and it's members. As Eel of 66 said, Great Work.

I've said in the past that I found the site's facilities pretty damn good, so I can't wait any faster for the updated version.

Good to have you back Phil, we need sanity in this site lol


Great to have you back Phil.

Good onya Phil love your work. This site is the only reason I use the interwebby thingamajig. Go the Eels.

Best blog ever!

This sites been lacking without you steering the ship and having your input, great to hear youve got some time to put some love into it again, weeds grow in untendered gardens.

Mark made his thoughts known to me in private, i told him how disappointed i was in his agenda and told him it was disgraceful form going after phil or this site, Mark i know your reading, you are better than this nonsense mate.

The supporters need to get over vengeance and vindictive carry on.

Mark your mates Garrard and Gaidel are past history mate, their names on a petition will provide nothing more than a laugh for Max or Bernie, you have a poor history with this site and an agenda.

Mark just let it go, let the anger go, let the club heal mate.

Phils provided a fantastic platform for fans and imo given more as an eels supporter than 99%, he cannot be held responsible for every poster and every word said.

This is personal from you Piggy, nothing less, you are a better person than this, i know theres actually a decent and humorous side to you that i quite like on occasions, i know your a good family man, you are better than this type of vindictive nonsense mate, im asking you to please let the anger and revenge go.

Phil gave you a platform twice here and you shat all over it and were very disrespectful to him many times.

I dont remember him ever being disrespectful to you once, not even once.

That says it all.


Dear Bernie,
Some unknown people have been calling me names.
Even though they arent officially with the Eels i need you to kake them stop before i cry


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