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For a few months now I haven’t been able to load previous comments on my I phone. I was expecting it to be fixed as it’s a major problem but still same issue.... can anyone shed some light on this ?

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The only light I can shed is that it’s been going on for ages and has been brought up numerous times with no result.
The only solution is to select Desktop View. It’s not as easy to view but you get to see all comments for a thread.
Ok thanks
It’s a pain in the arse
A 1eyed eel app needs to be designed. I'd pay $1 for it
Yeah if their was a $1 fee I would pay 100%

Its driving me crazy.

Using the full site on mobile really is a joke. A real turn off.

get the Google Chrome App and use desktop view. It's just like using a PC

Thanks but that a ridiculous solution why has it come to this....does the owner need some money to correct what went wrong. What’s the full story?
He's spent all his money on the Fwanker Fwong defamation case.
Grunta's visits and hits is all that is keeping this site going.
This site has died in the arse for the past two years and I'm sure it's Dim Simm's way of getting everyone on the Orf Seezun. What a site that is. I visited there recently only to find nobody there, my voice echoed in there for several minutes and my shadow chased me out of there.
I'd love to see a tally of the number of complaint blogs ther ehave been over the past 24 months...and still nothing.
You'll experience problems because you're still of interest to the Australian Federal Police. You shouldn't have taken that 11 yr old boy home from the royal Easter show, Fwanker.
You're being heavily monitored.

Gees this is a joke.  Some things don't post.  Some things double post and everything takes forever and that  is not even on the mobile.  Come on Phil!


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