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Was reading this great piece from Anthony Siebold and of course my thoughts turned to the former Batemans Bay captain/coach. Look at the comparison in their apprenticeships, words and philosophies. We really need to aim for better as a club.


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great article on the complex skills required in this type of job--Understanding what Teaching and coaching is all about is not only science based but having the ability and sensitivities in using the right input into the individual you are trying to improve. Selecting this type of person is not easy and requires expert attention into selection as a lot is at stake and difficult to change once these appointments are made---..many unpredictable repercussions. You are born with that special knack eg the word "whisperers" has been used with people who have that inborn talent to relate to people or animals to get the best out of them-- I like his approach and understanding on whats needed in coaching--I can better understand now why Broncos went after him

Tad Living...: I have seen that article some time ago, this year. Whilst one should never believe everything that one reads in a newspaper that was an interesting article-thought provoking as you display.  The history of the selection of BA, as you mentioned, bears comparison with the text of the article. You will remember that Jason Taylor was to be appointed coach of the Eels when the intervention of some senior players changed the board's mind and Brad Arthur was select at the very last moment. Not the way things should be done if you believe the article. I think that it is a moot point, however, that any selection committee has the capacity to always select the right person or to even select the right person some of the time. The prime example of the incapacity to select the right person is currently on display in the political field with the Government parties in all sorts contortions in preselections decisions, such that the Government may abandon any preselection and appoint sitting members to face the electorate! I don`t think there is any scientific or best method of selecting the right people. Perhaps that the best that can be done is to eliminate those who obviously don`t come up to the mark. For example, if you were in selecting the person to play Tarzan in a movie you would hardly select a one-legged actor? I think what can be done is to select who you think is the best and then hope for the best! It probably works less than 50% of the time. So tossing a coin would be better than that because that would give you a 50% success rate.

I don't believe you wrote that Robert.

Correct English, punctuation and thoughtful.

You are either bi polar or you asked a carer or relative to put your thoughts into a perspective.

Please keep using this "helper" for all your posts/blogs.

Robert I had in my past life been on selection committees on a few occasions and was able to see how some people used their criteria for selection--very different to mine. I am sure many other selection committees have similiar issues---some look at CV,s Academic qualifications experience etc-Different weightings are given to different things depending on the type of job. Their are professional agencies staffed with very well qualified staff who do this for a living,are very much up to date with best practice and have years of experience in evaluating how their previous selections worked out.to build on not making the same mistakes again. Depending at what level they are recruiting depends on how many resources goes into the process. For a high salary/responsibility selection on contracts they put more resources into the process and takes into not only interviewing the applicant . some will interview many associations the candidate they are looking at. This will sometimes include interviewing people at different levels these applicants were responsible for to a**** candidates on their overall abilities that the recruit will be engaged with. I am pretty sure a footy CEO would not have these skills with recruiting a specialist role with many far reaching qualities needed for this role--There is a lot of money at stake with these types on contractual selections. I have a lot of trust in these well staffed agencies with a good track record to be engaged with selection of high value staff.. Would consider their input into high priced player recruitment as well... We need to screen out high risk players high priced players as well with professional inputs 

apologies for typo etc

I think you are very wrong on this one Tad.i.e pretty sure a footy CEO would not have these skills with recruiting a specialist role with many far reaching qualities 

The skills of a CEO would nearly always be capable of human resource understanding.

The specialists you refer to in many cases are more cognisant of PC, corporate culture and a justification for their personal worth. I do not respect other than their ability and knowledge in packaging, awards and industrial classification and the legal ramifications of hiring and firing.

When you get into any specific roles, such as a footballer or coach or even junior administration that CEO would be widely versed in such selections.

In our specific case we have an ex footballer, experienced in the CEO role at a premiership winning club, a qualified accountant and financial executive and a footballing family pedigree that not many could lay claim to.

Sorry Tad but your formula base never worked for me.....I have nearly always been a "gut" man when it comes to selections and I pay little attention to degree qualifications as I do to experience and intent.

Most modern day boards and many degree qualified people without experience rely on what they can "rest on" sign up the wrong person and blame HR......if only those people worked out where they went wrong, they may understand why they were on the next retrenchment list.

The public service is full of it, so is the legal/justice system !!

skills in assessment and recruiting are transferable in many areas I think Poppa. Lets look at maybe Politics as an example Senior respected Liberals who are leaders over massive funding management wanted to replace Turnbull with Dutton

You miss my point Tad....politicians would be the worst examples of selection processes.

PS Dutton is no dummy, just not a personality.

About the dumbest blog I've seen. BA served a great apprenticeship under quality coaches as well. He won comps all over the place as a captain coach and took the Storm under 20s to a premiership and worked under Bellamy. He was shown to be a great man manager in 2016 with the cap disaster. But, you want to bag him and sing the praises of a bloke who's coached NRL for 1 year. Go "support" another club if you're only going to completely ignore facts to suit your agenda.

probably need to add a bit more to my rant---Not bagging BA---{yet} Sometimes  a catalyst can bring out the best in a coach as well---could be some better supports around a coach  and an individual player type can have a multiplier effect on a coach to take him to reach his potential--Not giving up on BA and  very keen to see how next season works out

About the dumbest comprehension of a blog post i've ever seen. Enjoy the school holidays bro.

As a fan who has watched things unfold under BA's tenure, i'm unsure what plan you can identify. What has he done to make us better? What players are getting better under his coaching? and most importantly what leadership exists within the club?

We have yearly instances of guys playing up off the field, our on field discipline is farcical. 1 instance that sticks out to me is our discipline week 1 against Penrith was horrible. After the game BA said it cost us the game. The whole week he mentioned it in every interview. The next week we played Manly and Taka was offside on the first kick chase. There's been other instances of him saying if you don't want to be disciplined you wont' be in the side. Next game Tim Manah goes to the bin twice and who's captain the following week?

Anyway, beside the point. My biggest takeaway from the article aside from Siebolds continually search for habits and ideas he can implement to improve his team is he is very forward thinking with a direct plan to achieve results. He's not looking for better relationships 6 years into his tenure... It's one of the first things you do in the early stages of team formation. There's no way you can sit there and tell me anything you've seen from BA shows he has a plan for success. We're going into this season with an attitude of 'what i've done 5 of my 6 years here hasn't worked so lets try something else'. It's bush league. 

On signing with the cub as coach BA said 'we won't be getting any more wooden spoons'. Well, we have. What did he do to prevent it? I recognise his strengths , as you say, is he has an ability to develop good relationships with players. He comes across as more of a friend than a coach. What are they learning? Early days they played for him, but now he needs more. 6 years of his voice and methods with limited results and players seeing themselves and the team go backwards, he needs a solution.

'Go support another club if you're only going to completely ignore facts to suit your agenda' you say? 

You post a blog ignoring facts and then criticise someone when they point them out to you.

You blokes conveniently forget the whole salary cap debacle, the players it cost us and the flow on effect of not being able to sign players, lack of TPA's, lack of support staff etc etc. These are all FACTS. Instead you want to bag a coach and rubbish him on 1 bad year, regardless of any possible excuses, and conveniently say he's done nothing in 6 years. That's absolute BS. And then you sing the praises of a bloke who's coached NRL for 1 year - yep, 1 YEAR!!!!

BA had an average squad following the cap scandal in 2016, but still came 4th in 2017, got robbed by Melbourne week 1 and were spent week 2 against a Cows team on a roll. But you'd rather sing the praises of a bloke who had a superior squad and they folded in the semis as well?? Once again, FACTS.

You think Siebold is the only coach that thinks like what you've described? You're delusional if you do. And I'd suggest the rise of Mahoney, Kaufusi, Niukore and Dylan Brown, just to name a few, makes a hole of your argument about players not getting better under his coaching. Nope, ignore that FACT as well and continue your crusade.


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