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James Segeyaro seems destined to sign with Cronulla in the coming days, but the Eels were also keen - with Corey Norman pushing hard to get the controversial hooker on board.

Norman is good mates with Segeyaro and has been begging coach Brad Arthur and chief executive Bernie Gurr to sign the former Panthers and Cowboys hooker.

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Haha looks like there's plenty to go around.....
They look like Bulldog fans......

We give the doggy fans as much as they want - f****** losers. 

Frank, if required, I reckon Brown can make a real go of 9. 

i like kaysa but ive always said get segyaro

Hooker remains Eels weakest link. Pritchard continues to fail. Whenever he is first into a tackle he gets brushed off every time his only tackles are 2nd or 3rd in & really 30 tackles for an 80 min hooker is just a weak effort. The top teams will find him out too easily.

Given all the hookers who were switching clubs at the end of last season this was a total recruitment flop by the Eels who had money to burn. Segeyaro mightn't be the best hooker going around but he's miles better than Pritchard.

Why BA wanted player depth in forwards was so they could protect Kaysa, Bevan and their talent. Some of you are so critical. The formula is working. Looking forward to Robson playing tonight to prove some wrong as well. I never underestimate the opposition for there is no such thing as an easy game.


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