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Wayne Bennet has announced that Sam Thaiday wont be resigned. As a Test and Origin player. Would you have a crack at him for a year?

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Fair enough Poppa but it is a cut throat business these days.  Now as a point of reflection here, has Tim Mannah not shown great loyalty to our Club and yet some continually put out the hate campaign against him here.  Have you spoken up against them?  A great Club man, clearly struggling playing needled up and with ongoing HIAs.  Where is the sympathy for him?  

Well I supported Timmy up to about 6/7 games ago when to me he was obviously playing with great difficulty.

I have not been disrespectful for his full service but then if he had played 28 origins and 30 tests he would be a Parra legend.

Timmy stoic service is not in that league. In saying that, there is plenty of sympathy I think.

Even Snakie when he wrote about Timmy's retirement was hoping to bring it on.

Whilst Snakie's tongue was firmly implanted in his cheek, I don't think he wishes anything negative to Timmy, just happy to take the "mickey" to get him moving!

Poppa, Maybe Bennett thinks these guys are holding things back.? Or is there something else to it..? Power

No Mitchy, I think Bennett is pissed off that his private life has become public and he is genuinely pissed off with the world. IMO his judgement has suffered because of it.

I do not feel he suffers fools gladly and he see's a lot of the media and public perception in that mode.

That is why I am disappointed he has let himself down and players that have been very loyal to him. It is hard to say we all have to make tough decisions....but to be frank...he is old enough where he doesn't have to. Get someone else to do it or stick by your players differently without making it public.

PS Going back a long way....Gordon Tallis saw situations not that different.

Mitchy you are RIGHT the papers this morning are quiet explicit about it being 2018 as his last season.

Looks like I read it wrong and I apologise for the wrong interpretation.

I can only backtrack on my statements and suggest that if we are interested we should look at him getting an early release.

The newspaper article suggested that any club interested would likely do that any way.

I will send you a friend address so in the future I can be more explicit with my apologies.

Now I know how my wife feels, one being married to me and two never being wrong! 

I'd rather sign Charlie Gubb

Careful Chief I would hate to see any colour coming into the discussion.....

It would be a good story, coming back home after all these years, he was born in Baulkham Hills.

Baulko? Serious. Isn't he from Torres Strait..?

Yeah his dad was stationed at the RAAF Base in Richmond at the time

No way! Besides there is no way he would play for a team south of the border, he would be like another Carl Webb signing.
Here a some potential signings Mr Slippery....https://media.giphy.com/media/fgrAH0k1Up2yA/200w.gif


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