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The hot mail is SBW will be a Gooster once his yawnion obligations finish up in the Stupor Rugby.

Uncle Nick you have done it again!!

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of course they could bring back sbw. they will just release  1or2 players from jersey flegg.bingo a mil jumps in 

Release some jersey flegg players that weren’t theirs in the first place lmao

they have to let no one go they still got room for him

Didn't they sign Frank Paul what ever his name is

SWB will be 33 in August - he's getting a bit old now.

He'd better get on the same "diet" that Cam Smith is on.

He's on Milkshakes Kram, they are all the rage these days.

I'm on the milkshake diet. I have three of these a day as part of a balanced diet.

Image result for milkshake

He is......copious amounts of backdoor money!
I hope so. Wouldn't want him to starve.

XHave the rules changed since Parra tried to sign Izzy on a cheaper than NRL measured deal.

oh, it's the Roosters , nothing to see here says Toddy , move along

Creative accountancy when it comes to the Rorters

Publishing salaries and TPA is a must, apparently we are supposed to believe that by letting go Pearce, Kenny D etc this allows you to sign Cronk, Teddy and resign Cordner to a monster contact - not even a glamour club like the Bronx could compete with that type of recruitment let alone the rest of the competition.


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