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I'm just going to assume that we have around 1.5 million in the cap for 2018. What do we do with it?


I reckon we upgrade Nathan Brown until 2020 on 600k. At the moment he is under 200k and he will be in demand for next season. Cameron King is another key player we need to re-sign. He has been playing well enough to get an extension, and possibly have him start with Kaysa come off the bench. Willis Meehan, Marata Niukore, Kirisome Auva'a, Honeti Tuha, George Jennings and David Gower are also players that should be re-signed by the club. Gutherson could also do with an upgrade. Semi Radradra also needs to be brought back from France around round 10

Players to Sign

A decent prop is probably the most required signing, but there is no great options out on the market. Kevin Naiqama is not wanted by the Tigers and could be injury cover. Hooker is also a position we might be interested in but the best out there is Michael Lichaa or Dylan Plythian 

Any other ideas?

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Agree with most of it.

But I'm really hoping they can they can lock up Radradra for the long term aswell.

Also think this is a turning point for Tim Mannah so if he decides to retire we might have some more cash to go after another starting prop.

That is true, but there is a lack of them on the market. Kane Evans may be a straight swap

He wouldn't be on that much plus I think because he's played for us for a certain time he gets even less off our cap?
Still, even 300k means a possible new signing

He gets a certain amount discounted from his actual salary off the cap due to long-service. 

Hopefully about 95%.

lol any excuse to keep Captain soft serve.  He can't even stay on the field for anymore than 5 mins at a time.

Time for Timmy to give the game away, for his own sake.


Its amazing the levels some people will stoop to keep the worst captain in the history of our club.

Hes past it and by some margin. Time to leave gracefully methinks.

I think you've gone a bit extreme with Nathan brown he has been our best player but I think he would resign for 400k at most
If Jason Taomololo and Woods are on 1 mill, Nathan Brown should be at least 600k

Yeh but they didn't jump from $170K to $600K in a year. They worked their way there. If you jump him up $430K after one good season you paint yourself into a corner. If he doesn't continue performing then you've wasted the money. If he does perform, then very quickly you're paying $700K-$800K for a lock which is nearly elite halves money.

I think bumping him up to $300K-$350K would be a good way to go. It's around double what he's on at the moment but it's not an over-commitment.

Keep in mind we could stagger is pay so say we sign him for 3 years, this first year is at $350K then $400K and $450K

After this season if you are only offering someone like Brown 350k he will be playing somewhere else in 2019.

Especially when you are happy to keep a useless plank like Mannah on the books.


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