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Can anyone confirm Blake Ferguson in negotiations with Parra to replace Semi. Just what ive heard!

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Everything I've read is that he is in negotiations with the Roosters and he's going nowhere. But if BA is looking at him he would be a good option. At his best he is an elite finisher.
He hasnt been at his best for a long time. He would be a complete waste of money

 20eel13: I don't know about a complete wast of money but his performances have been down for some time. He appears to have lost some speed, aka  JH. There are rumours of off field issues that Easts are concerned about. A very last resort at best.

Actually from I've seen this season with the Roosters his form has been great. Don't know what you're watching. He hasn't lost anything.

I agree with Brett Allen, hardly a poor season. His 2017 Stats

Games Played:13
Tries: 8
Field Goals:0
Running Metres:1851
Try Assists:1
Line Breaks:9
Check his missed tackles, tries bombed, bad defensive reads, knock ons.

He is playing at the end of a very good backline with a decent forward pack so his stats have been bloated

Agreed Dave, he is on the end of a strong backline and a good side. But still he struggles in defence and makes some poor options at times.  Wingers always look much better in stronger sides.

If you put Semi in Fergos spot he'd be breaking records

I hope not; he would not be cheap and tbh a winger? surely Jennings Junior / Hoffman / Aua'va would be ok.

Agree.  We have enough players capable of replacing Semi next year, on his day (away from certain others and venues) he is a good player but to me doesn't have enough days in that regard for me.

Semi is in many ways irreplaceable but having watched a replay of highlights while waiting for a 2 for one dinner at Wyong last night of the Wests game with Semi's try and as great as it was, I believe he could have got it much closer in as once he beat the two players coming across he did advance it but its something that I have noticed a few times.  A small nit pick but was there.

Colin Hussey : I think it better that Semi does that rather than try and gain a metre or two extra. He could get injured by the last desperate tackles of the defenders. Most try scores,but not all, put the the ball down early. Semi knows what he is doing. It is up to the goal kickers to come up to the plate.

Robert Lloyd, every time any player runs and there is defence around he can get injured, so after 17 minutes in possesion a club could get every player injured and the opposition has no worries about winning, problem though is once the last man standing kicks off and tries to defend, game over.

Semi had room to move, thankfully his one hand put downs have all been ok.


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