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Normally i'm not one for the coach to pay the price for under performing players. Bringing in a new coach means new structures, new combinations, and usually a period where the new coach has to try his best with a roster he doesn't want which he inherited from the old coach. It's rarely an automatic fix, and a lot of the time the problems run deeper than the coach.

In this instance though, I genuinely believe BA has been exposed as a coach out of his depth at NRL level. Our attack has been absolute dog shit the entire BA tenure. Aside from Semi's ability we have had next to nothing.

There's no excuse for the complete lack of cohesion in the side. Its week 11 and we look as fluent as we would've first week of preseason. We attempt to run the most basic attacking shapes in the competition, we run shapes half competent defences eat up.. and still can't execute. We are eaily the most unimaginative side in the competition in attack, relying on a simple method of 1 out running and kicking to the corners. Yet....we can't execute. Whatever he is doing on the training paddock is not working. He has to work out he either doesn't have the roster to run the plays he wants or the plays he wants are too predictable and being read like a one page novel. This clown persists with it week after week. There is no plan B.

All of his recruitment and selection decisions have been geared around a 'win now'. Of course NRL teams want to win every week but some coaches have obvious excuses in that they don't have a roster ready to compete and are building. Aka Nathan Brown. It's hard to judge Brown on  wins and loses but you can judge him on how far the teams attitude and attention to detail is developing towards being a stronger outfit. We have regressed.  The discipline, attitude and attention to detail in our side is the worst in the competition. This isn't something that is magically there one season. It's acquired over time and we have lost it. The players making the dumb decisions (both on and off the field) are given no accountability and allowed to make the mistakes time and time again. It is now a plague in our entire squad.

BA has shown a complete inability to develop younger players. Just in his tenure, Aloai, Eisenheuth, Twal, Matterson among others have left to play regular first grade at more successful clubs. BA played his 2nd debutant in 5 seasons last night. That is awful.It further shows how much is being invested in the win now mentality with little to no thought to the future, and how a 2-9 record in the win now era is worthy of sacking. 

As much as the players love him, a new coach needs to come in NOW. ALL of our roster is off contract over the next 2 years. It will allow the new coach to keep who he wants and build his roster. If we let BA sort this out and it doesn't work the next coach will be stuck with this mess, BA's players and BA's crappy culture. 2-9 with a roster that many predicted to be genuine contenders is inexcusable. 

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Agree well said

Well said

Lets be real he wont get sacked anytime soon.

We arent getting smashed which makes the team look better than they are and his contract payout is unaffordable for the club atm. There is no pressure from the media what so ever, we arent being talked about at all. Even paul kent is reluctant to give our situation air time which takes pressure off BA from the public

Like it or not we stuck with him. Lets just hope he is sane enough to completely gut the team from the inside out before 2019 season begins. Recruitment for next season has been positive so far

12 players at minimum have to be moved on.

If we keep losing he will get the sack or walk and be paid out the year, no coach in RL can perform so poorly and not get sacked, its a results based game and Brads breaking all the records atm, no coach can survive that, not even Wayne Bennet

But this prick will.

Youre forgetting one thing Snake - Parra love mediocrity and making excuse. It won’t be his fault or the players, it will be the fans because we aren’t chanting PARRA PARRA loud enough at games or supporting the club through a ‘Lean’ year.

If we sack him we may lose certain players

Great, that would be an added bonus.

Including Gutherson and maybe Brown

Half the squad needs to go. We do not have one SOO player. These players can’t even execute simple one out plays. It would be a blessing!

He's won 2 out of his last 13 matches.

I'd imagine any other club in the NRL would be looking at sacking their coach now if they owned that pathetic record.

Times up.

And if there are any players that aren't happy they should be shown the door as well.

I can't believe how spectacularly this club has imploded (again).

Yep, 2/13 is diabolical, its about to be 2/14 next week, the knives will come out very soon at the club because everybody will lose their jobs because of him.

The supporters deserve better than this garbage, we play like weve got chimps as coaches.

Im pretty sure the knives are already out being sharpened already.

He should quit.

If he's so close to the players, and demands so much respect from them, why the feck don't they EVER perform for him.

The blokes a hoax unfortunately.


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