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Has anyone read Ray Price's autobiography "Perpetual Motion?" It needs to be a movie. I'm not kidding. Ray working his arse off by day as a brickie, living in Bankstown, his kids getting bullied at school every day fueling his hatred for Canterbury. Life is going shit, marriage on the rocks, then his best mate Crowey almost loses an eye and is forced to retire. Almost! Ray goes to Mick's hospital bed and whispers in his ear that they're gonna win the GF together and he finally inspires Mick to get back on the field and play the GF with one working eye. They win the game of course off Crowey's boot - still only GF to not have a try scored (we say that in writing at the end when the movies finished; "The 1986 Grand Final is still the only Grand Final to have no try scored") Heaps of biff, spear tackles, anger, war. A running comedic feud between Ray and Sterlo (as Sterlo plays pokies) over whether RL will ever be a fully professional sport (Sterlo says yes, Ray says no.) Throw in an obligatory Aussie film bank robbery and we'll all be up collecting our AFIs next year. That's right, US! Eels fans. See, we crowd fund it. Like on Indiegogo. We raise 2 mill to make it right and shoot the ultimate Rugby League movie painting the Bulldogs as the maggots they were, are, and forever shall be. They'll try to make their own movie in revenge of course but it'll suck and f*** them. Let's tell it from our perspective and let history judge as it will. Couple of cameos, Mal Meninga planning a political career but can't keep his mitts off the girls after a few ales, Bob Hawke at the GF off his nut. A song by Guru Growth that brings tears to every eye in the cinema - (something like Moana but instead of the dream being to sail down the ocean it's to sail down the sideline.) Seriously, let's just make this f****** thing instead of sitting on our arses for the NEXT 31 years dreaming about it!!

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Great Blog....some really imaginative thinking.

I t could be set in the nursing home with other ex Parra Greats and this young reporter (Carlo) could come along and tell her dream about telling the "great story" of PRICE ATTACK! She comes to the home looking for the legend and sits down and Pricey recounts his tales of greatness.

Seriously for you young people out there that never saw Ray Price play....you cannot imagine the toughness and skill of the man.

There are only few greats that Parra could claim Thornett, Cronin, Sterling, Kenny and Grothe but the greatest of all IMO was Ray Price.

Forget about his post retirement years, he always had strong opinions and only ever wanted for what "he thought was best for the club".

Any documentary that can be made to honour the man would be worthwhile.

Hmmmmmm - I thought a pallet of my best Mushies had gone missing.

Imagine the ORF SEEZUN we will have if this is what we are getting now.

It's the Bye week Mushy, that's sort of a practice run before the Orf Seezun......where have you been you old bastard.....I have written some terrible things about you.....and not a peep!

Now get that angry look back on your face and get out there and stir the shite that has made you the legend you once were!

Only popped in for a few quick hits Poppa.

Will be missing again next week.

Col can you put a picture of your avatar so we can see what Donald is saying please.

Lol, so true.
Cheers Col
Im sorry wazzamatta i dont like it
Don't lie

 I saw on Fox during the week the movie Raging Bull. Never seen it before. I was in equal measure horrified and impressed by the true story of the boxer Jake Lamotta who came from nothing to be world champion,then fixed  fights under the control of the mob and faded from history. It was full of nostalgia for me as I was starting to grow up at time and remember some of the fights that JM had with Sugar Ray Robinson, probably the greatest middleweight of all time, and the songs in the movie,  Prisoner Of Love by Perry Como, Mona Lisa by Nat King Cole and others. This ramble is to suggest that a movie about Ray Price structured similar to Raging Bull and full of nostalgia might just cut the mustard. As Jack Gibson said of Ray  he never came off the field without blood coming from him.

I own the book, still takes pride and place between my Mark Richards autobiography and my Les Norton collection.

Good on ya Rexy!


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