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Q. What profession would Eels players be undertaking if they never became footballers.

I think Gutherson for one would look good in a toolbelt and a flannel shirt - chippie .

Kenny - Cramping specialist.

Bernie Gurr - Worldwide sporting jersey design consultant based on his legendary 2018 Eels award winning hooped designs.

Mannah ?


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Timmy would be a teacher and pastor on the side for sure.

Bernie would be a racing caller like Ken Callender

Moses would be in real estate, hes got that look.

Kenny would be in the police riot squad behind the water canon 

Manu would be a bouncer

Corey would be floating from random job to job

Eveyone has Manu Ma'u  as a hitman or a bouncer....I will go one step further "undertaker". it's a face you want to see at a funeral!

King and Kaysa are natural wardsman /orderlies at a casualty ward!

Manu in charge of the ‘Chronic Dribblers’ home.

I can see Daniel Alvaro working down the road at your local pizza parlour, twirling dough and pumping out house specials by the truckload.

I can imagine Bevan French rocking up as an Uber driver, with a bottle of water and fresh mints for the $44 cab ride home from the city.

Greg Leleisiuao would have to be the host of Wheel of Fortune.

Imagine him asking if anyone would like to buy a vowel. He has the full set.

lol.....very clever

Josh Hoffman will play the role of Justin O'Neill's face and body double at the Cowboys next year. 

David Gower - English No 3 batsman.

Smooth as silk.
Brown to become a coach at the Knights.


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