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The whole thing stinks’: Jarryd Hayne salary sacrifice at Eels under fire — Media Watch
December 4, 2017 4:55pm
Jarryd Hayne is off to the Eels after getting a release from his Titans deal.
Jarryd Hayne is off to the Eels after getting a release from his Titans deal.Source: AAP

JARRYD Hayne’s $700,000 salary sacrifice to join Parramatta may have been made under noble pretences but the terms of the deal has got many people across the game scratching their heads.

The NRL must consider a player’s notional value before green lighting any contracts and NRL 360 co-host Paul Kent sees no way that could be the case with Hayne’s Eels return.

Speaking on Fox Sports News 500, a fired-up Kent tore into the NRL over their failure to show the rigour needed in evaluating the Hayne deal.Watch every NRL premiership game live in 2018 on Fox Sports. Sign up here to stream for free on a two week trial >

'The whole thing stinks'

'The whole thing stinks''The whole thing stinks'1:41

The senior News Corp journalist even launched at a conspiracy theory, tabling the idea that getting Hayne’s salary off the Titans books could help the NRL-owned club’s imminent sale to private investors.

“To be honest, I think the whole thing stinks. I think there’s a smell about this,” Kent said.

“I don’t see how the NRL can justify Jarryd Hayne taking a $1.2 million deal, walking out on it and being allowed to get under the cap at Parramatta for $500,000.

“I’ve got no concept of me can figure out why that’s a fair deal.

“The NRL, I’ve spoken to them today about it, they’ve argued that’s what Jarryd’s current market value is, but how do you establish that?

“The fact is, he hasn’t gone to market and if you try to sign any other player in the NRL and try to take $700,000 off his contract price, I don’t think the NRL would register it.”

Kent said he had several theories for why the NRL might bend the rules to help the Titans and Parramatta get the controversial deal through without fuss.

“Let’s also remember that they are an NRL-owned club at the present and the NRL are trying to offload them, so to get rid of that (Hayne’s contract) off the bottom line, maybe that helps as well.” Kent said.

“Look, I could start spouting a dozen conspiracy theories here but until someone gets some clarification from the NRL and some explanation, I think we’re entitled to ask a few questions.”

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Kent in December???? Leave us alone you germ.
Now I love Hayne coming home.
Can’t be any clearer he dislikes the eels. He even reminds everybody in the video that we are the club who cheated the cap two years ago
What an idiot. It's OK for other clubs to sign players below their worth but not Parra.
I reckon Kent thinks 'the whole thing stinks' loll

Does this guy have an axe to grind or what?

Seriously East can sign who ever they want and know one bats an eyelid (SBW).

Broncos sign James Roberts for Peanuts and say they are better off cap wise then before he came again media just go move along nothing to see here.

Dragons sign Gasnier for $50000 win the comp and that's OK.

And yet a guy like who Hayne who was no way worth 1.2Mil a season to begin with comes in for closer to what his worth and this bloke fires up.

Kent go take your agenda and shove it.

Maybe it's cos Jarryd can spill some beans on how much coercion was used perhaps ???
It's little wonder Kent is hated by most fans when he just dribbles pure shit like this .

Fact 1 . Jarryd Hayne's contract at the Titans was for 800k a season , 400k was made up from a TPA .

Fact 2 . When the NRL were strict on notional
Value of players they could only go by what the player's actual contract with a club was , a players TPA can't be counted as it has nothing to with a club

Fact 3. Jarryd's contract was 800k so if you go by his form this year it is more than reasonable the his value would of dropped by at least 300k .

I use to think people were a bit paranoid when they said Kent hated the eels but after this piece i could not agree more with them z this dope knows exactly how the NRL works out a players Notional value and he he also knew that Hayne's contract was worth $800k but he decided to disregard all that just to make out that parra is getting a leg up from the NRL . May Paul Kent choke on his milo.

Spot on Fongy, you nailed it,

1000% correct Fong. The c*** smoker knows this, he's just trying to create a headline. Pathetic turd!

Well said Fong.
That is spot on Frankie. Kent i think is still upset about his only NSWRL game for Parra....he seems to hold a grudge. He and Rothfield feed off each other.

Frankie, that is a very good post, even sensible.  The aspect with it is that had he stayed in RL and done his overseas jaunts he may well have had a higher real notional value, but the U.S was a dead end same with the Fiji 7's.  His return to the Titans, was very much money that was needed to secure his services, after his signing up there, Annersely said the signing has had a positive influence on the titans as gear sales and ticket sales were up as were memberships, businesses all came on board.

Had he also been picked in consecutive SOO games and for Australia in the WC, then his notional value would likely also be higher.  The way it is now, he is basically a player that is trying to resurrect his career, on that score his value in real terms would likely be half the titans sign on money, meaning the $500k deal with the eels is $100k over value.


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