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I truly think letting Luke burt go will come back to haunt us . What he did with the 20s boys the style he had them playing was impressive, I think he will be a future season coach, and I think ba seen this and that’s why he let him go.

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you are right there that why BA let him go

Your not entirely wrong.
In the off season we lost peter gentle to souths burt was expected to move to the 1st grade set up but didn't.
The titans reached out and the rest is history.

My dream is smith takes over for 2 years with burt and cayless as assistants with burt taking over in 3 years but wont happen.

Which Smith?

Brian of course

Mate, when you don't bang on about the "coconuts", you make a lot of sense.

Lmao fair point I’ll take that

I think its the vibe.......

Its Mabo, its the constitution, its just the vibe.

I can see BA kicking the photocopier....I f****** cleared tray 3

Letting peter gentle and Ronny Palmer go is what’s going to Haunt us
No. Letting Semi go hurt us.
We didn't let him go his contract was up we offered one he took a better one


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