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I have just woken from the strangest dreams , It was very real
I was at a Souths Parra game
it was horrible to watch our attack was disjointed and bumbling there was plenty of mistakes so it seemed more like real ,not a dream
In the second half Mitch Moses dived before the try line Then realised his mistake and planted with the ball on eventually over the try lines to score
The conversion attempt is missed
Towards full time Mitch Moses
Kicks a real Shonky field goal to win the game 5 to 4
I didn’t even realise Parramatta was playing souse this weekend until I now just looked at the draw
This is the first para dream I’ve had this year and was extremely realistic
So if you’re betting man stick your house on it Parramatta By 1

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very funny
Score will be 55 to 4
Yeah but which way? Sounds more like a nightmare than a dream.

I just woke from a dream to 

I was dreaming I having sex with Pamela Anderson and when she was in having a her 25 years old birthday party

So I guess tomorrow you'll be dreaming about waiting for results at the Hep C clinic...

I’ve always thought I’d be willing to take the risk with old Pammy . I mean , Vitamin C is so good for you , how bad could the Hep version be ? 

I'd rather have scurvy.

I’d rather wear a skivvy. 

That's only because you like impersonating a Wiggle.

I dream about the girl that was on the Trivago as the bastards have replaced her
Gabrielle Miller.I think a lot of people have had impure thoughts about this chick.There`s something about her!And she`s had/having an interesting life.http://magazine.trivago.com.au/who-is-the-trivago-girl/

She looks like a millennial flog . 


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