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The Ken has caught but a whiff of some top secret information around a targeted marquee signing that will complete the core group of players that will form the future of the Pirtek Parramatta Eels. The Ken will reveal as much information surrounding the player in question as possible but for now I am sworn to secrecy.

The Ken can reveal that this player will not be playing for the Eels in 2012. If this signing comes to fruition it will be the biggest signing in recent times, if not in the history of the club. This player will be an election sweetener so no expense will be spared and he will come at the expense of some much loved crowd favourites.

Who would you have in your sights for 2013 if you were in charge ?


I'm Ken Crapper 

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maybe the board are waiting til they sack SK and then when they name a new coach they'll add in a couple of signing to put even more positive spin on it.

They will never sack SK

My mate who plays on my footy teams older brother plays for mounties, and his personal trainer works with izzy falou aswell, and my mates older brother has been telling my mate that izzy hates it at afl and is just there cause he's getting paid and that in the future izzy may end up at parra

Now that sounds like a reliable 'sauce' if ever I've heard one.

my first guess would be robbie farah

but i have a feeling it could be Folau, ive been hearing that for a while though

and out goes the line
Mitchell was off contract end of 2011- not paying for him

mortimer - his three year deal ends this year so won't be paying for him next year

tahu walked out - we only paid him up to February 2011.

we front loaded a lot of money from contracts into 2011 when we were under to give us room move

with hindy shack Poore Burt going that should free up funds for Darcy lussick!!!'

cause at the moment no one else wants in to the joint 

well you guys can cross ben te'o off the list. yet another we have made a play at and missed out on. plus they keeping dave taylor. not just manly that mr. schubert needs to look into.

jodeci paints a bleak picture in regards to recuits! He is in the know so...

ITS SONNY BILL, if you go to Page 61 of the comments.. The Ken states that the agent doesn't have a license or something like that. Today in the SMH, they said that Khoder Nasser doesn't have a NRL license as a player agent anymore. 

If you go to page 62 you'll see that a number of agents got deregistered due to the storm cheating incident. SBW is quite possible but Tony Williams is also a possibility along with a bunch of others.

forgot about all that, but what i said previously makes it a stronger chance for SBW to come to our club. 


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