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norman gone... austin in... vave gone... boyd or papalli in...

its not even rumours anymore that moses and norman are on bad terms. infact its not only norman and moses who are on bad terms, its more like 3-5 players on bad terms. watch out for the media in the coming weeks/months have a big scoop on normans behaviour off the field which will get him sacked. apparently its already happened but the media arent allowed to speak about it yet. norman to be sacked and maybe the broncos will sign him, eels will sign austin and canberra will sign kodi nikorima. as for vave he will be let go at the end of the season and parra will look to canberra to sign either shannon boyd or josh papalli.

if anyone doubts me and asks about my source / sauce ... i am the source/ sauce. move over mansour, there is a new sauce in town !

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Ibby as you can appreciate this site has a few rumours at times; and most are just rumour. I guess time will tell. 

i understand ... time will tell mark my words.

I believe you, im hearing the same things.

its not hard to tell... ive watched closely norman and moses on field and you can tell ther is some rift between them, when they talk to each other its as if there yelling at each other or just talking so that way nobody will say anything.

snake normans on good money , more then hes worth, but hes loves the night life with friends more then playing well for the eels.

let the bronco's have him i say right now...

But there saying today that Austin to the wabbits is a certainity


Yeh ok mate. Journos aren’t allowed to say anything?? You realise that’s precisely their job and if this was even remotely true it would be in the papers. 

legally they are not allowed to talk about it because it hasnt been settled in court. they have to watch what they say before any of the facts come out. hence why i said in the blog "normans behavior off the field". 

Ibby if he has behaved illegally why don't parra suspend / tear up his contract?

because its just accusations at this point ... however i know for a fact that he has done something wrong... i dont know exactly what he did that was wrong but i do know that he crossed the line this time... just wait till it all comes out. seems like gibberish right now but i promise you in the future the truth will come out and it wont be rumors or garbage that came out of my mouth..

Well Norman certainly hasn't been getting white line fever from crossing the try line....


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