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As of yesterday, it became blatantly clear that Jarryd Hayne is on his way back to Parramatta. After weeks of rumours, denials and then more rumours, Hayne was granted a release to return to “western sydney”. For those of you a bit slow on the uptake, that means Parramatta.

Since then, every conversation I’ve had with non-Eels fans, have been along the lines of: “You guys are stupid, he’s a coach-killer, a club-wrecker, a cancer”.


I’m not having any of it. Hayne will provide the X-factor that takes Parramatta to the next level.


I’m optimistic because I trust Brad Arthur. When news first surfaced that Hayne wanted back, my position was always that I’d love to see him back, but ultimately it had to come down to whether Brad Arthur believed he’d contribute positively to the culture.


Clearly, BA has made that judgement, and it suggests to us a number of things.


Firstly, it suggests he’s very secure in his role. With Hayne’s record of churning through coaches, bringing back the Hayne Plane is not a decision that a coach who is worried about his future makes.


The fact that BA has enough confidence in his security, that he’s willing to make a big decision like this, can only be good for coaching. Regardless of how well you are travelling, there are going to be tough decisions that need to be made along the way, and knowing you’re the big man in town, let’s you make the hard calls.


Secondly, he clearly has a lot of confidence in the club culture he’s managed to nurture over recent years.


As painful as the salary cap saga was to Parramatta, long-term it is probably going to prove something of a blessing in disguise. The resilience, mental fortitude and team unity that grew out of having to play for no points, probably fast-tracked the culture that Brad Arthur has wanted to forge.


Arthur must believe that Hayne can’t impact that culture. He probably looks around the roster, and sees enough hard-heads and old nuts, to think Hayne simply is not going to get away with being a prima donna. The fact that he has one of Hayne’s best mates, Tim Mannah, in the squad, also means there is someone there who is going to feel more comfortable telling him to pull his head in, if there is a need for that.


And Arthur is clearly very comfortable with his relationship with Hayne. Hayne was one of the players that pulled for Arthur to take over as Eels coach. He was reportedly very grateful for how Arthur dealt with his decision to walk away from the club and pursue his NFL career. Clearly, there is a level of respect there for Arthur, which really is key given Arthur is known for his up-front, blunt approach to man management.


I’m tipping Hayne will come in on a one-year contract. That would be Arthur’s style. Show me that you want to be here, and that you can re-pay this club for everything it has afforded you over your career. Jarryd has the next three or four years to win back the Eels faithful, do something amazing, and claim a place in the club’s hall of champions. That will be motivation, enough.


So yes, I think Arthur has made the right call. Hayne will be back at his club, back around his mates and close to his support system. He’s going to start enjoying his footy again, and he’ll be motivated by the fact that this is his opportunity to leave a legacy.


And I’ll go further. If you look at Parramatta’s finals performance, what was missing for me, was that genuine belief. When it came down to it, I’m not really sure that the boys see themselves up as on par with the likes of Melbourne, the Cowboys and the Roosters. That’s understandable because they are a young team that has come a long way in a short-amount of time.


And if you’re looking to instill a bit of belief into your squad, well, I don’t think there’s anyone you could better turn to than Jarryd Hayne.

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Fair enough. I would love for this scenario to play out as written. Time will tell.

That all makes a kind of sense. The kind you make when you’re really wishing hard and sucking in the rainbows. I hope you’re right. I believe Hayne could make a great club centre and he has undoubted backline utility value filling in at 6 or 1. But has also constantly fallen short of consistency and application and tends to be a thorn in the side of team spirit. If he doesn’t end up at Newcastle let’s hope we see a completely new version of Hayne at the Eels

Phil Good post, & I agree.

Hayne has what many call the X factor, and while I felt in some areas of his game with Fiji he looked disinterested watching it a 2nd time he was more a director of the play, which perhaps was needed with a team with so few NRL players in it.

He certainly could be the one player that could make a difference as was needed in our finals lose this year, but, therein may be the same issue that he has shown in the past, only getting involved at his own timing.  I believe though that he has been told by BA that sort of attitude will not be tolerated, and has to put in at training to the same level and degree as everyone else and earn a spot in the run on squads, then he has to perform for the 80 minutes on the field.

Is there a fly in the ointment though?   A couple of reports coming out this morning has said his girlfriend is staying in Foster and not going to come back to Sydney http://www.smh.com.au/rugby-league/league-news/mother-of-jarryd-hay...

If that is the case, and it seems to be so, with the release of a statement from the family, how is that going to affect Jarryd, as he will have to travel several hours to see his daughter, and if he gets some special dispensation from the club for that, it will mean not a lot has changed really.

To be fair regarding the travelling, we let Semi go back to Fiji fairly regularly. 

Well said Phil, spot on. I feel that if BA thinks that Jarryd can contribute to the team and drive the all important self belief, that will be a very good outcome. Hayne must know what he will be coming into, and knows that he needs to work hard at Parra. He can no longer linger in the backline waiting for someone to pass him the ball, and will need to be a team player like everyone else.

How did all of that go at the Titans again?

You can't compare Jarryd at the Titans to how hes going to play for us. You could tell as early as the press conference he didn't wanna head to the GC. Watch how he plays for us under a coach he gels with surrounded by a team full of his close mates. Happy footy = best footy 

1000% correct Pepe

I truly hope you guys are correct and if he does return and play well then I will be the first to say well done.  Until then, he has lost my respect.  He broke his word when he signed with the Titans.  He claims to be a good Christian Man and yet lied again right throughout the RLWC when he denied he was leaving the Titans and well blow me over with a feather he has left.  The guy has no credibility.

As for all of the things Phil has pointed out as positives.  Well as far as I am concerned, that is what Princess should have been doing when at the Titans and earning his keep.  He has not done that and has walked away yet again,  

I do agree that if anyone can get him back to his best it is BA and playing with his mates will also assist, but until he actions this and proves it, he has little of no credibility left, no matter how talented I know he is.

How true good read ..just like to add you dont win 2 dally m by being a no hoper against the best players in the world he will come back better than ever so get ready for the train.
Ditto that

In terms of everyone perceiving Hayne to be a coach killer, I think BA showed in 2014 that he knows how to handle him. It was BA's first season as a head coach and he had Hayne perform the most consistent football of his career which saw him collect his second Dally M.

As Phil makes mention, BA's also got a good group of seasoned players in his squad now. Guys like Jennings and Scott who Hayne's played with at rep level and who have demonstrated their leadership skills in the past two seasons.

This is also last chance saloon for Hayne. If he fails here it's likely his career, especially as a marquee player, is over. He's not getting any younger and if he wants to have a legacy then this is his chance. If not, he'll just be another player at Parramatta and guys like Norman and Moses may pass him in the next decade.


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