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We got manly tigers Cronulla 6 points I think

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Lock it in Eddie. 6 points in the bag lol
Definitely maybe 8 maybe 10

By the end of that run we will be 0-9

Just beat manly and I'll be happy.
Nah 3 from 9 then bulldogs at anz then warriors at anz Cld it be a roll on

matt matt  matt  what are you on 

Cigarettes lol

Have you got a tip those 3 are running out their U9 sides against us?

That’s good it wil click is into sum confidence n there minds will change
Going on form of all teams.we'll be 0 - 9

Matt, the way the Eels are playing they’ll be very lucky to win any of these next 3 games!

I’m confident they will win 4 in a row now maybe 5 lol


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