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I thought I should just let you guys know that I purchased an international mi TV off eBay
You can install the NRL app
Use your login details. As you would on the Telstra app on your phone and you have access to fullscreen free NRL I’m watching it now, no problems whatsoever

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Doesn't it have international cable?
Yeah but I just bought an adapter from J car

How much altogether for the TV and adapter?

You got a link to the tv muddy? is there small ones? i dont think the mrs would want another big tv in the place with the sole purpose of watching footy, and weve just bought a new big samsung.

Sorry snake I should’ve been more specific it’s just streaming device like an Apple TV

Thanks mate ill check it out.

Just remembered I have to cancel my NRL app subscription before tomorrow.  Thought you could connect your phone to the telly.  They really have no idea.

Mudskip I’ve done the same but my screen on the TV is tablet sized, how do I get it bigger?

btw I bought my box form a seller in China who has a outlet in Regents Park, paid $40 also came with AU plug.

And also has latest movies, tv shows, iptv.

The app I’m using makes it full screen
I haven’t actually done anything to it
It also has porn
If I watch enough of it, the missus usually gets one
How much was it mate?
Hey slip
But a good investment
You can load Kodi onto it as well which is a massive catelouge if movies and tv shows
Old and new ( some not even in cinemas yet)
Worth every cent if you ask me !


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