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Who would be most likely to step up and coach the Eels when BA does go? 

We have tried the so called easy fix before with coach turnovers and still collected the wooden spoon.

Frustrated and bewildered, it seems to go hand in hand as a Parra fan.

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We’ve tried every type of coach. We are simply cursed. We’ve seen every team have their premiership.
Last I checked Titans didn't have a premiership?

Lot of people don't like Michael Ennis and but think he do a good job

Another one I like is Michael Maguire/Michael Ennis

Jason Taylor/Michael Ennis Or Maguire 

Brian Smith /Jason Taylor

Ennis was a grub but man he can read the game really well. Couldn’t be any worse then what we have
Stacey Jones??
Justin Holbrook
100% great coach . He’s the best young talent in the coaching ranks
Anyone bit BA

I'd like Holbrook, but a name I'd love to see and no bias based on my picture but Luke Burt I believe in time will be a good head coach, great player manager and offensive mind, he was brought to Gold Coast to create the culture there. Getting the assistants around him might be difficult but I feel Burt, Holbrook or even Maguire are terrific options. There is also Walters, Ciraldo, Ryles, Fitzgibbons as names that have been float as potential NRL coaches, not saying id want any of them but they are names regardless.


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